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Changing the oil in your car is an inexpensive procedure which only takes about half an hour. I change the oil and filter in my car myself to you avoid future repairs and it's not hard to do.
Regular oil changes can increase the life of your automobile's engine. It keeps your car running smoothly and your car will be with you for a long time. Change your car's engine oil and filter on a regular basis, about 3 months or when your car reaches 5,000km.

How Oil and Filter Works

The clean oil that is put into your car, picks up dirt, carbon deposits, metal particles and various other impurities from throughout your vehicle's engine. The oil is passed through the oil filter where the majority of waste is trapped and left to do no harm, but when the oil breaks down it loses it's properties/viscosity and over time it can collect tiny metal shavings that eventually either clog up the oil filter preventing the flow of engine oil or continue to circulate through the engine causing accelerated wear and engine problems.

Build-up of black oil sludge inside the engine means that the engine oil hasn't been changed for a long time, the engine has been overheated, or poor quality oil was used. A well maintained engine will have no oil sludge.

Oil lubricates moving parts and keeps them from banging into each other. The oil also cleans, and acts as a coolant. It is very important to use the proper grade and type for your car so you don't end up with moisture or dirt in the oil that will interfere with the performance of the engine.

So, to avoid serious engine problems, and save yourself a lot of money change your oil on a regular basis.

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