Make Kitchen Refuse Useful by Composting

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Discover one of the many things you can use to make a compost.

Composting Steps

1. Choose a site where you will make the compost. Select an area away from your main house, that is shady and easily drained. Construct there at least 3 small pens.

2. Collect and place all the kitchen refuse in a container. Do not include non-biological materials such as plastic. Kitchen refuse may include unedible parts of fruits and vegetables like stems, peelings, shrimp head and shell, fish bones, rotten fruits and vegetables, newspaper and left-overs.

3. Pile the kitchen refuse into the first compost pen for the next 7 days. Always keep it moist. If you want or if it is available, you may mix compost activators to speed up the decomposition process. After piling, cover the pile using plastic sacks or sheets sewn into a big sheet. Do not touch or disturb for the next 7 days.

4. Start filling the next compost pen on the second week. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

5. When it reaches two weeks or 14 days, turn over the kitchen refuse in the first compost pen such that the bottom layer will be at the top, and the top at the bottom.

6. On the third week, turn over the pile in the second compost pen. This will be the first turning. Turn over the first compost pile as well. This will be its second turning. By this time, the volume of the first and second pile should have been reduced by half and by one-third, respectively. Mix the two piles such that the second is at the bottom layer. Turn this over every two weeks until completely decomposed.

7. On the fourth week, start a new pile in the third compost pen. Repeat the steps above.

8. As soon as the decomposition for both mixed piles evens up, remove the substrates from the compost pen and place them in sacks or sun dry them.

9. Use the resulting compost to raise vegetables or ornamentals.


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