Make Sure You Choose the Right Pet for You

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Take the time to carefully consider these suggestions before choosing your next pet.

I would like to discuss some important considerations when choosing a new pet.

Getting a new pet is an exciting experience but one in which you need to be well prepared, in order to make sure you get off on the right foot. Choosing the right pet for you is the first step. I would like to discuss some important considerations when making this important choice.

Consider the size of your house and yard. Do you have a fenced yard? How much room would you have for a dog to exercise? For instance, if you have a very small apartment, getting a breed of dog that is large and active may not be a good choice. A better choice may be a small dog that was bred to be a house dog. Cats are also an excellent choice for apartments and for people who are gone most of the day. Cats don’t need exercise outside and they are very good about using litter boxes, doing away with the need for them to be taken outside to eliminate.

Reptiles, amphibians, fish or small mammals such as, hamsters or gerbils, are also good choices for people who live in apartments or have limited space. Reptiles and amphibians can however pose a potential problem for families with children under the age of eight or people who are immunosuppressed. They have a higher incidence of salmonella than mammals and shouldn’t be considered for families in these situations.
Having a fenced yard is important for any person who has a dog, whether it is large or small. It adds an important level of protection against accident and injury, and helps to prevent your dog from running away and getting lost

Temperament is another important consideration when choosing a dog; some breeds are characteristically aggressive and need to have extensive training and supervision. Some small breed dogs are nervous around small children and may bite if they become overly stressed. Working and sporting breeds tend to need a lot of exercise, and the ability to run, so you need to make sure that you are able and willing to provide this kind of activity. Without proper exercise and activity dogs may develop destructive habits that can be expensive. For instance, I had a patient that tore apart its owners Porsche.

Grooming should be a consideration as it takes considerable time, effort, and expense if your use the services of a professional groomer. Grooming isn’t just for cosmetic reasons; it can in a very real way affect the health of your pet. Long haired dogs and cats, if not properly groomed, will most likely developed mats, which pull the skin and are painful. Matted hair also collects urine and feces which will result in damage to the skin and if flies are present, they will lay eggs in the material. The resulting maggot infestation of the skin is a serious health problem and can lead to secondary health problems that could result in death.

As always your best source of information on acquiring a new pet is your family veterinarian who is familiar with you and you unique circumstances.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Oct 2011 (#)

Pet selection is very important, the wrong pet can be a disaster for the owner, and the animal too.
Staff at animal shelters should be helpful too.

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author avatar Denise O
5th Jan 2012 (#)

I agree, pet selection is very important. Also one thing one too many people get wrong. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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