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If your feeling under the weather, and not having such a good time Microsoft Windows comes with a great feature for making your day, colourful!

About Command Line

Command Line also known as Command Prompt is a tool to tell your computer to do or to complete certain tasks with the command you give it. Obviously it won't listen and it will produce an error if you say "eat a burger" or "go to the toilet". The commands you can use are set commands built-in by Microsoft.

Changing The Color Of Command Line

So, if you want to give your day a bit of colour with a boring command prompt here you can...just follow my simple steps.

Click the Start Menu, select All Programs, then go to Accessories. Click Command Prompt.

Now you can type in some commands, to make it display colours, let me give you a starter one see if you can pick it up:

Type: color 1a

Then press Enter.

You should see a dark blue background, with green text.

Some More Examples

Now let's try another one...

Type: color 2f

Then press Enter.

You should seen a dark green background with white text.

As you can see from those 2 commands, you use the word "color" then a number followed by a letter but they don't have to be a number followed by a letter let me show you another example:

Type: color 47

Then press Enter

You should see a pinky red dark background with a light purple/gray text.

From that command we removed the last letter and changed it to a number to create a mixed colour, that plays tricks on the eye between it being pink or red. It's quite impossible to decide.

Another one that we could do, that creates extremely bright colours is this:

Type: color ba

Then press Enter

You should see a light blue background with light green text.

From that we removed both the numbers or both the letter and number and changed it to both letters.

So, now I hope you see how it works. Here I've tested a few commands and came up with some rather weird colour mixes so here you are:

color bf

Light blue background, with white text.

color 2b

Middle green background with light blue text (Sweet!)

color 2e

Dark green background with yellow text.


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27th Feb 2012 (#)

Great hi-tech information. Thanks again.

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27th Feb 2012 (#)

No problem Buzz.

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