Making Your Hair Beautiful and Healthy

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First impressions are created by looking at a person’s face and it lasts. A healthy-looking and beautiful hair tops the basic features of our face to win more friends and develop relationships. Here are some helpful tips to keep our hair healthy and beautiful.

Healthy lifestyle / trimming your hair

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will always give you a healthier beautiful hair. Do not smoke, always exercise, avoid stress, eat nutritious food and get enough rest and sleep.

Cutting your hair does not promote faster hair growth. Hair still grows at the same rate regardless.

Brushing/combing your hair

Too much brushing of your hair may damage it. It is not true that frequent brushing of hair will make it more beautiful. Brushing your hair too much pull the strands or scratch the scalp. Stroking your hair not more than fifteen (15) times in a day is enough to keep it healthy. Use a softer and more flexible hair brush. Choose a brush with bristles made from natural animal hair. Use brushes or combs with bristles widely spaced and with smooth tips. Keep your brushes and combs always clean by washing them weekly.

Losing hair / Hair sprays, Shampoos, Conditioners

If you are losing some hair, see a doctor. Massaging your scalp will do little to invigorate hair growth. Be warned of “self-styled” experts trying to sell wonder hair tonics and treatment.

Most hair sprays if applied correctly will not harm your hair but too much shampooing or not shampooing at all can make your hair dull. Shampoos and conditioners must much the type of your hair. And the best way to find out which one is the best is by trial and error.

Washing you hair / Using hair dryers

Do not shower with hot water for it can dry and irritate the scalp. Shower instead with warm water. To remove dirt, hair oils, dead skin cells and any hair products, always use a shampoo.

Always apply low-heat when using hair dryers to keep your hair from splitting and damage it. Better still, use the cool setting.

Wearing wigs / Using hair styling products

Ordinary wigs can cause more perspiration to your hair and scalp. Shampoo you hair first before wearing a wig. Choose a wig that is not too tight.

Avoid using hair gels, mouse and hair sprays with alcohol content. Hair styling products with alcohol can make your hair dry. Do not put these products directly into your scalp to avoid clogging the pores on you head.


Frequent braiding can damage you hair. Do not make your braid too tight that it pulls the hair roots. Do not leave your hair braided overnight. Avoid using rubber bands and hair clips that are too tight.

A healthy-looking and beautiful hair can help you get the job you want.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Great tips... if only I had hair!

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author avatar avery sandiego
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Great! I am always looking for this kind of tips

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author avatar Austee
1st Jul 2012 (#)

Great tips!

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