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If you need to update any of your personal details, provide you payment details or change your password then Edit profile is the page for you.

Updating your personal details

The first section on the Edit profile page allows you to update your name and email address to ensure they are still correct. You can also change your Display name if required, but we recommend that you try to stick with one so that our readers can get to know you.

Then you have the option to tell us a bit about yourself. You can upload a profile image and write a short description of yourself - nothing too rude please! These will be shown on your public profile page and also on all your pages, and are a great way to engage with your readers.

To update these details, for security you'll need to re-confirm your password at the bottom of the page before submitting.

Adding your payment details

The second section allows you to provide us with your Paypal email address. This is the address that is registered on your Paypal account, and so may not match the email address on your Wikinut account.

Please check you've entered the correct Paypal email address as this is the only way we can ensure you receive your payments.

And again, you'll need to re-enter your password at the bottom and submit the changes.

Message options

Our internal message system is designed to help you keep track of what's happening with your Wikinut account - you can choose to be alerted about things such as getting a page published.

Remember - if you set your email options correctly (see below), you can also receive these messages as email alerts.

Each option can be turned on or off individually, to give you full control over your account. The details of each option are as follows:

  • Alert me when one of my pages is moderated - this is a nice way to keep track of your new pages, and also lets you know when a recently edited page is re-moderated.
  • Alert me when a comment is added to one of my pages - simply tells you when you've had a new comment on a page.
  • Alert me when a new comment is added to a page I have commented on - allows you to be told about subsequent comments on pages that you've added comments to previously.
  • Alert me when an author I follow publishes a new page - a neat way to keep track of your favourite authors.
  • Alert me when a page I moderate requires reviewing (applies to moderators only) - a custom option for moderators, this updates you when a page you've previously reviewed is re-submitted for moderation.

Email options

There are just a couple of simple options here. The first allows you to receive our newsletter email... we'd recommend you do as this is the best way to hear about new features on Wikinut.

The second option allows you to receive an email alert whenever you get a new Wikinut message. It's a nice way of keeping updated without having to log back into Wikinut every day.

Remember, we never give or sell your email address third parties - read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Changing your password

The fifth section allows you to change your password. This is an optional task so you don't need to do this each time you edit your profile. You'll need to enter a new password and reconfirm, before entering your existing password to submit the change.


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