Making home improvements to make your house more organized and clean

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There are numerous improvements that can be done inside and outside. Even newly rented for ownership of houses needs improvements and modification that can satisfy owner’s tastes and needs.

Making home improvements to make your house more organized and clean

Just like a living person, home needs improvement over time. As time goes by, home gets older and all its areas tarnished, its rooftops gets cracked and corroded and settled by pest, left behind by modern designs. The following suggests fixtures and additions encompassing kitchen, rooftops, painting and bathroom.


• Implement HACCP – (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) – This hygiene control system helps prevent contamination of food, cooked and raw, sanitation of the kitchen and reduction of waste. Basic HACCP procedures include:
a. First in and first out – Newly purchased or produced food should be later taken out and old ones consumed immediately.
b. Install wash points which can be posted beside the door entrance. It consists of a wash basin, faucet, paper towel and soap dispenser. Additionally, place an alcogel dispenser at exit and entrance point.
c. Make documentation recordings of pest sightings, inventory of kitchen devices and sanitation records.
d. Install sanitizing spray bottles for cleaning food contact surfaces and granite countertops.

• Invest in fire alarm systems – Install smoke detection devices which can be mounted on ceilings located near burners and entrance. Place fire extinguishers, 1 for electric fires and 2nd for oil and water fires.


• Apply primer paints for metal and wood contact surfaces but avoid those containing lead additives as they scientifically proven health hazards upon prolonged exposure.
• Paints of different types have various applications.
a. Latex paint is applied for rooftops because it is tough against constant weathering.
b. Enamel paint – Used for wood Sand metal surfaces, it is oil based paint makes an excellent choice for painting different types of wood.
c. Varnish – A type of wood, paint, used for coating furniture’s. This paint comes with different color tones such as mahogany, brown, sepia and pink.
d. Caulk – Smoothen surfaces such as rough wood surface and termite wood damage.

• Place sanitizer and paper towel dispenser adjacent to door entrance.
• Install water temperature regulator which can enable hot and cold water selection.
Pest control

• Mice – Cover drainage entrance to prevent rat access. Use food triggered trap to catch hiding mouse.
• Cover foods and place them in safe and clean container for later use.
• Mosquitoes – Plant mosquito repellant trees inside and outside, namely citronella or lemon grass, catnip and marigold. Empty containers lying around that may serve as breeding sites. Cover canals to discourage breeding or place motor oil.
Security system

• Invest in security systems such as CCTVs mounted in corners and motion triggered devices like the infrared sensor.
• Install peephole for doors where anyone can be seen outside
• Use lighting with timers to set illumination when not around the house, this is to make house occupied.

The above suggestions are a few of many house improvements that makes the house more hospitable to live. Most can be done by DIY but others, such as fixing capacitor in the high voltage electrical pole are a bad idea. If living in San Francisco city, California, after considering purchasing a real estate in dublin ca, consider investing and taking time to improve the housing interior and exterior. New houses often have complete setup and amenities which are known by contacting a trusted realtor in Pleasanton, Ca or a developer of real estate in castro valley.


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