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Resumes are those pages that may change the course of life. A well prepared resume announces the quality of a job seeker. The application mentioned here helps users make great resumes without effort.

Oops, copycat!

The first resume I sent to a company, mentioned me as an Electrical engineering student. When the company representative called me, he asked me questions from electrical engineering over the phone. In response to my question, if the company was non IT, the voice in phone, told me

“We understand from your resume that you are an EE student, that is why we are asking questions from your domain.”

I corrected that misconception over phone, and the call ended up in an epic disaster , with the representative mentioning how weird my resume looked like.

This mistake happened only because, I never knew how to make a good resume. I happened to copy a resume template that many of my classmates copied from someone. Only the personal details in the template was changed to make sure the resume looked “professional”.

What we all don't know!

Two years down the lane, I happened to check the resume that I first sent. As a professional, It almost killed me laughing, reading the information I mentioned in the resume.

When I walked out of college, the only information I had with me was that, there are lot of companies around and eventually they happen to have an opening which will be filled with one of the thousand job seekers like me. I knocked all the doors that were known to me then , and everyone told me to submit a resume. Every time I submitted a resume, there was some correction for them to say, like the alignment is not this way, there is no need to put a declaration. There was no standard that could please the so called “professionals”.

Now, being a professional , I know what happened two years back. From the professional point of view, those resumes look amature. Even when there were lot of applications for many other purposes, I never found a good web application that could help the job seekers to make a professional resume.

Well, I found this , It looks great!

Recently, surfing the web, I found an awesome application that help people make professional resume. From the name of the application, to the resume that is produced, it is simply professional.

Don’t think, the professional thing means, it is hard to do this, but this is the easiest way to make a professional resume. I mean, from my observation it is.So I am sharing the application with all those who like to make a resume, or is looking for an application like this. The better part is that, resume for people from any field of life can be made here.

This is the the application that am talking about. Nothing extravaganza seen in the front page of the application.Simple,neat,pleasant and professional in appearance. All what you need to do is to register with an email id, login into the application and start making resume.

In the home page, you will be notified that , you have not created your first resume along with the link to create the resume. The interesting feature is that, you will have a public page in the application with desired name as url. That means, you can have a resume just like this

you can send this link to anyone, who can access the resume with that link. But the only thing to make sure is, you permit who all can view the resume. If you allow public viewing, then your resume will be visible to everyone.

So you can choose the url from the window provided. It will let you choose the privacy settings once the resume page is made. Then browse into the “My profile” tab, and select the features you want with your resume. This includes selecting the template to embedding the resume.

If you find this useful, you can invite your friends to use this application using social communications means. Then there are the settings tab, More tab and log out option.
There is no need for a tutorial on this, just go ahead and use it, you will understand how clean and simple it is.

We may not have a silver bullet always to do something. But there are some situations, when we get a silver bullet to do the same. When I needed it, I dint get one. So now am sharing it to you when I found one. Make use of it. In my words, it is simply awesome.


Here you can do the remaining! :) its up to you to what to do !

A well created resume let you walk half the way in impressing a job provider. The smart is the one who seize the opportunity. All the best folks.

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