Man-Made Perspectives & Real Truths

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Everything is life can be seen in one of two ways; there's the man-made perspective, this is how we come to perceive everything in life the way in which we do due to general &/or popular opinion within our society (from something physical such as how a table is used to display objects to political theory such as democracy and general consensus of its correctness); and then there's the real view which is discovered by looking at the origin of the topic in discussion, whatever that may be,

The Two Perspectives

As stated above, this article will explore the two perspectives that society can take which can be associated to all things be it something physical or an ideology with that either being the man-made view or the generally unspoken clear/true view. Previously, I've spoken about how in order to truly understand the essence of something that it's necessary you strip it down return to its very origin in order to see things clearly. Before I go any further allow me to use humankind as a relevant example by reiterating that all of us down here on earth regardless of our current continental location are a product of chaos of the Universe through a combination of atoms which tie our origin together as an equal one, this realization leads us to understanding of seeing things in their true form.

Hopeful Pessimism

I'd like to start out by saying the intention of this topic isn't to be pessimistic or overwhelmingly nihilistic, but I'd rather get the stark truth out there first by saying that the meaning of life (including your own) in the grand scheme of things has absolutely no given or impacting meaning in relation to our creator, the Universe. On the surface you may disagree with that statement and reflect upon your successes such as your contribution to business, your accomplishments as a mentor, your rank within a competition of your passion, and if you are a success in either of these then I do not discredit your strength/dedication in any way, however it's good not to forget that the Universe will continue on even after you breathe your last like it has done hundreds of generations before you and the billions of years before earth was even formed. Those who are impressed by our achievements are those who deem what we've done as admirable, and the conception of admiration is only a personal opinion.

Application of the Two Perspectives

Physical Objects
Everything we see and use within our day to day lives is dictated by our society, what is regular to one person may appear completely alien to another which makes us quick to judge something as peculiar or wrong simply because we haven't adapted to our seemingly new surroundings yet. By looking at/and or experiencing different cultures you'll notice many things are different, however their usefulness remains the same; architecture, the materials used to create structures will appear different due to the surrounding area; food, the food options and the nutrients it provides will change depending on the location; clothing, this will be vastly different depending on the culture and the temperature of the area; design, artistic design is implemented onto everything regardless of how subtle that may be, from carpets to wallpaper and even cutlery, everything is influenced by the perspectives of those who who create it. Even though the roots of different society's grow on different soil, the function of the life it creates end up being the same.

All what man creates is a viewpoint, this viewpoint is a perspective that is constantly being woven together through experience of the lifestyle of those around him both in and outside his own home which in turn influences the perceiver, he comes to accept this is the way things simply are. Eventually there comes a time when we decide what we do and don't agree with, what we consider useful and detrimental, what we consider beautiful and unattractive, and what we want and do not want. These viewpoints vary from mild to extreme which have in turn steered nations in the past down completely historically altering paths, this is why many nations are now so at odds with one another politically and religiously, particularly the west and the east. The most important thing to do, is to try and understand why each country governs the way is does and access the consequences of those residing there. Someone who views politics in the everyday way (the 'man-made' way), will likely see the political ideologies simply as a way things are, any radical change would be seen incorrect and a threat to the status-quo or perhaps reductive developmentally. If you were to look at the system in its true form outside the boundaries of the media and the state, you'll see that no political system has an effect on the unbiased Universe and neither is particularly correct, it's instead rather a collective body of opinions representing one similar man-made background unable to embrace the consideration of any other.

There's the current mistake that the media likes to tell us how advanced we are in comparison to a century ago, or 500 years or even 1000+ years a go, however if you compare that to our creator's age of 14 billion or our home's age of about 4.5 billion then humanity's existence is nothing much more than a small speck of dust trying to find evidence it's worth something more than it actually is in comparison to those which are so old, wise and adaptable. Groups started out as tribes, and when another was found who they didn't understand, it lead to one or the other being attacked in order to suppress them and make them like their own. After tribes, we saw the growth of clans, which then became countries, and countries became nations. The undeniable truth is when a group sees someone not like them and cannot understand why it behaves the way in which it does, it leads to tension and desire to dominate the other. I think it's clear to see that even today, that has not changed. The purpose of this article was not to be pessimistic, and by seeing the ideologies of other nations simply as a consequence of their location over time brought about by the experience of its leaders brings about a sense of unity. Every human being when stripped down is just a particle of life, subject to everything around them which is given meaning simply by the opinion of those who came before them, and so the cycle repeats.

If There Was Nothing?

If you took away all of the structures and all of the ideologies from each country there would be nothing left other than the desire to survive which is natural and core to the existence of all that lives, it's one of the very few things we're absolutely sure of, alongside knowing that we all die and return back to the earth which too belongs to the Universe. Cultures have developed over time through their judgement of what was most ideologically and technologically beneficial during that period of their history, however its usefulness and implementation is only a personal perspective one has developed. The Universe is chaotic therefore we're a product of that chaos, chaos can only come from our own hands as perfection is only an impossible facade, it's never existed. All man can do is choose to survive with what's provided to him by the state, and consequentially his family.


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