Managing Dupioni Silk: Ways You Can Improve the Life of Your Expensive Furnishings

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An article on home decoration and use of Dupioni Silk as furnishings.....

About Dupioni Silk & Usage

So you’re starting a home re-décor project and want your cushions, curtains, drapes and castings to punch the senses with their dramatic or aesthetic sophistication. You may be looking at organza or satin in terms of fabric for different stuffs but what you cannot ignore while you’re at it, is silk. This word brings to mind a sense of flowing magnificence, glittering and dazzling in its smoothness. Browse through the websites of online furnishing suppliers and you’re idea may be broken.

Silk furnishings come in a stunning range in terms of weight, lightness, texture and finish. So you don’t just get the classy you also get the roughened edges of the raw fabric and even better, the distinctly uneven and infinitely inviting appeal of Dupion Silk in different furnishing products.

Dupioni furnishings are on the palate in different flavors- the Italian, the Indian and the Chinese- their quality rated in the same order.

Dupioni Silk Furnishings: Fabric Behavior

As a fabric used for the whole range of soft-furnishings it is surprisingly versatile. Just dry-clean and you have it clean! The fabric doesn’t need much of ironing and you can be assured it won’t change its color or surface by any degree. On average the fabric shrinks by 12 percent.

For this reason Dupioni has scored higher when compared to other great varieties that are also used in home furnishings, like Thai, Jacquard, brocade etc. Even in comparison to taffeta you would find Dupioni much sturdy and dependable.

Dupioni poly silk can be pre-washed in a washing machine at any stage. So even if you’ve picked the fabric and plan to stitch up your own creative home furnishings you can get started by washing it in mild detergent coupled with cold water. Ideal, really for daily use and that too in the fabric’s characteristic classiness!

Ways You Can Manage Your Pricy Dupioni Home Stuff Well

This fabric should never be twisted or wrung since these movements can permanently damage the pattern. Even if you’ve picked a readymade furnishing that is not pre-washed just dry clean them instead of the usual laundering. In fact if you want to maintain your expensive furnishings avoid taking them to laundry altogether.

Never pin the silk fabrics since this leaves marks and just hang the furnishing cleanly for doing the wrinkles away. The right way to handle a stained Dupioni is to avoid cleaning with water or a specific cleaning chemical. Just give it to the dry cleaner. If you want to increase the life of Dupioni Silk Furnishings while they’re stored. Ensure they’re kept in a place where there’s enough air circulation and don’t store them in plastic.


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