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When you publish a Wikinut article your involvement is far from over. Readers (and fellow Wikinut Authors) are able to leave comments discussing what you have written, and sometimes a little management is required to keep things in order.

Embrace comments to fully enjoy the Wikinut experience.

Many articles will quickly attract comments from your readers, Wikinut automatically adds the comment tools to every page you publish. Reading these comments, and replying to them, can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a member of the Wikinut community.

Always check the dates on the comments to understand which was posted when, and look to the left of the comment to see who the writer was. You'll be able to tell if the user was a fellow Wikinut Author as their avatar will be displayed along with a link to their profile page.

If you'd like to recieve alerts when new comments are added to your pages check the settings in your Wikinut profile.

Zero tollerance for spam and unacceptable behaviour.

Wikinut is proud to be community moderated and we always strieve to only publish honest and worthwhile articles. Unfortunately our commentators do not always live up to these high standards.

Some individuals will try to post inappropriate materials, and you can help to keep your article pages clean. When a comment contains spam, unacceptable links, indecent material, harassment, hate speech or any other breach of our terms of use then you should delete the comment.

Below each comment you'll see links marked Approve and Delete. These will only appear when the author or a moderator are viewing the page.

  • Delete - The comment is immediatly removed from display.
  • Approve - The comment is marked as approved by yourself. This will remove the comment tools, allowing you to easily see that the comment has been vetted by either yourself or a moderator.

Responsible comment management.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove comments which are not Spam, such as where there has been another breach of Wikinut standards. In these cases you should carefully consider adding a comment of your own to indicate what action you took and why.

Wikinut is a community and legitimate users deserve an explanation when their words are removed.

Where the comment is Spam or an inappropriate link then you should not make a note of the removal.


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