Meet life halfway, and it will meet you halfway

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Reality, everyone lives in it. But, not everyone can equally deal with it. To get better at living is to deal with reality. Everyone may not be able to deal with it equally, but, anyone, even the "worst off of us" can improve ourselves. I will show how. In this series of short, to the point sections, I will transmit the understanding.

A walk down a street.

Today, I was walking down a large street when an acquaintance of mine in a wheelchair was wheeling his chair behind me as I walked a couple of miles. Although he said hi to me, and I said hi to him, he did not ask for help as he followed me on my walk for a couple of miles. Funny thing is, he wanted me to act like the whole situation was normal, without pity for him from me, or "woe is me" on his part.

Napoleon Hill once told the story of a blind man who worked his way through school on a couple of dollars and typing up papers for "more able people" for pay with an old typewriter and without mistakes in his typing.

What is the moral to these two short stories of life?

Strength comes through meeting life halfway. If it is all given to us easily, it means nothing.

Sure, I could phrase and work this page differently, to make "more normal", more advantaged people sound good, but are they? It is how we meet adversity that makes us great or poor, not what we do in comfort. That is what I realized with that walk down a street.

The most powerful and exciting concept of all

We all have the ability to become winners, but, the way we use it is what makes us. The way we win over all adversity or lose to it determines us.

Sure, I can say something different than "the most powerful and exciting concept of all", but I will not. The "worst and weakest of us" determines what the best of us will do because how we respond to adversity is the most important thing in existence. Comfort is always easy to respond to. Too easy.

Quick thinking and Good Responses? Standard or Special?

What I mean by the title of this section is this: Do we have to wait until a full-blown emergency to respond well, or can we do it sooner and in a more preventative way? I mean it should not take an in your face way to make you know that it is time to do the right thing. So, when I say the words "standard or special", I mean preventative action is better than acting in an emergency way and "making it at the last minute when it is nearly too late". Alert thinking and right action during your situation is the best way to live, otherwise, you are really depending on luck for real, and not preparation. It is better to be well prepared than to depend purely on luck and make it if you know what I am getting at here.

So, reality works like this: Even if you do end up lucky, some preparation at least to back up the luck is best. I know, the back up plan in life is always dependence on preparation, so that no matter how many times you fail you will ultimately succeed with that preparation yo did. So, to answer the question proposed in the title: Quick thinking and good responses should be standard and normal for the successful, and special for the failure who gets lucky once in a while. That is the ideal reality. I know it does not always seem to work that way, but it is the natural way it goes. It is not always as described or seen in the commercial. You must prepare for the next try if the luck does not work out in the first try or first few tries.

I once heard this story from and inventor: "You know in school, you get one chance to pass a test or you are out. In invention you come up with an idea, and then you attempt over and over to implement the idea or invention, and when you finally succeed in the invention or implementation after many temporary failures, you become rich and a legend that invented something great." Gee, I guess, temporary failure is studying to ultimately and permanently succeed, is it not?

So, yes, I am saying that dependence on luck is the ultimate weakness, while dependence on preparation and full understanding through "working on it" is an ultimate strength. For, even if you win with luck, the next attempt could fail because you do not have context on how to succeed again, really. For "fail forward then succeed" is what meet life halfway and it will meet you really means.

Think about it!

The best actions to take and decisions to make are come by quickly and changed slowly, especially when good. With that said, I begin this section: Life, at its best is learning to succeed through trial, error and ultimate success through experience. Honestly, life is best when you can absorb experience that way and not get initially lucky and cannot repeat the luck once "tried again" or "attempted a second time".

Let me give a metaphor I call the "rock star success" metaphor. Say you are part of a one-hit wonder 1980s rock band that tries to release another album years later and you find that the "magic" is not there anymore. When you think about it, that "lucky metaphor" can go for anything, look at Steve Jobs with his Apple computer first and semi disastrous attempts afterwards before coming back to Apple as a figurehead. That is my point. Genuine experience and understanding wins over luck and sheer fortunate timing every time.


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