Meet the Ghosts of the Old House Woods in Diggs, Virginia

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The foreboding dirt road that leads you directly to the area where the restless spirits suffer in silence can be found just off of Haven Beach Road. The desolate path leads unsuspecting visitors straight to what the town's people refer to as the Old House Woods. This particular location is where a spooky old Colonial home once sat like a prized treasure, locked up with secrets to be told to those willing to ask the questions.

Dark Shadows, Haunted Paths & a Discontented Forest Hidden Among the Gnarled Trees

Located within the maritime community of Diggs, Virginia, just north of Gloucester, you will discover a small unincorporated village nestled in Mathews County that is virtually basking with chilling secrets that are the prelude for things to come once you dare to tread down the hidden paths that stream throughout the gnarled trees with menacing branches that mimic fingers, housed within the thick foliage that has been their home in the dark, eerie woods for centuries. Lying just beneath the umbrella of trees, there is an ominous promise to the living souls braving the haunted and discontented forest that something is going to happen once they have made the decision to continue on the haunted path that leads to mystery, intrigue and a world filled with restless spirits. The serenity of the area is slightly misleading as far as paranormal activity is concerned, but once you have made the decision to visit the calm of the nearby woods, you have now entered a world that will change your mind about what you thought you knew about the things you fear the most.

Phantom Entities & Restless Spirits Lead You to Their Demolished Prized Treasure

The foreboding dirt road that leads you directly to the area where the restless spirits suffer in silence can be found just off of Haven Beach Road. The desolate path leads unsuspecting visitors straight to what the town's people refer to as the Old House Woods. This particular location is where a spooky old Colonial home once sat like a prized treasure, locked up with secrets to be told to those willing to ask the questions. The homestead is no longer visible to the naked eye, but on misty nights, the sprawling old mansion can be detected from afar, through the thick fog, but once you get too close, it suddenly disappears. The empty Colonial survived several fires that were mysteriously smothered almost as fast as they were started. However the homestead was completely demolished after a blazing fire burned it to the ground. The community along with visitors to the area and investigating paranormal teams have dubbed it one of the most eerie and haunted hot-spots in the entire state of Virginia. Apparitions, ghosts, flickering lantern lights, dark shadows, and other phantom entities have been spotted in the Old House Woods for over 200 years.

Legendary Pirates, Spectral Headless Hell-Hounds & Ghost Soldiers Cause Chaos

Mathews County was once an active port just before Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The entire area is saturated in history that includes unexplained deaths, bloodied and battered soldiers, ornery, knife wielding pirates in search of treasures, and a Indian burial ground. With this kind of colorful history, it is no wonder that the woods and nearby Haven Beach, overlooking Chesapeake Bay, are haunted and legendary. Folklore has woven many tales that include sightings of ghost horses, spectral headless hell-hounds, unexplained floating lights, orbs, the ghosts of British and Spanish soldiers, and a ghost pirate ship that appears just before an unexpected storm is setting in.

One of the most perturbing legends is of the time travel portal that has been rumored to take you back into other places from the past once you have located and entered the secret spot. During the late 1700s and up to the mid- 1800s, hunters, treasure seekers and unsuspecting travelers who walked through the area where the old Colonial house once stood in the woods, were never seen again. The legend has it that they walked directly into the portal and straight into another dimension, while a few of the old-timers think that the owner of the Colonial killed the trespassers out of the fear of being robbed and hid the bodies with the evidence being destroyed in each of the past house fires.

Skeletons, Ghosts & Apparitions Carrying Weapons Cause Fear Amongst the Townspeople

Fascination surrounding the woods has stemmed from various tales and accounts of strange occurrences. One of the most famous stories comes from local resident, Jesse Hudgins, who by all accounts was a respected citizen and not apt to make up such lavish stories. One night in 1926, Jesse was driving his horse & buggy down Old House Woods Road when he noticed a strange light that was unearthly or not of this world. He then realized that the light was actually a lantern being carried by a ghost dressed in a knight's armor. Upon further inspection, Jesse stared into the skeletal face peering back at him from inside of the metal armor protective head covering. At this escalated moment of total chaos, ghosts and apparitions began to come from all directions out of the nearby woods. Each and everyone of them was carrying lanterns, with some holding shovels and stone weapons in their other hand.

Fearing for his life, Jesse ran away from the eerie scene only to pass out from the fear that was engulfing his body. Found later by friends, they carried him to bed where he rested for several days. He retold the tale to his friends who were skeptical of such shenanigans, believing that he was merely overly tired from a long day's work followed by a rough buggy ride where he perhaps hit his head along the way. Jesse's story was confirmed many years later by a Virginia man who had car trouble on the haunted road near the woods. While leaning on the hood of his car he heard a voice ask, "Is this the King's Highway? I've lost my ship." When the man turned to look he was confronted by a skeleton carrying a lantern and dressed in armor.

Mathews County; The Most Bizarre and Unusual Paranormal Phenomena Ever Recorded

Stories, legends and intriguing tales of paranormal activity in the woods has been passed down through the years. Investigators have been looking for evidence ever since. Many of the paranormal groups have found proof, but for the team from gettysburgghosts, they reported that the fifty-acres of woods and the accompanying marshlands near the Chesapeake Bay contain some of the most bizarre and unusual paranormal phenomena ever recorded. The deepest part of the haunted woods can be located near an old bridge where a nature trail was once visible, but is no longer. There are private residences on the road, but if you enter the woods approximately twenty-feet after turning onto Haven Beach Road, you will quickly discover what serious paranormal activity is all about. A white floating mist is a precursor to the lady in white who appears a few seconds thereafter. When running from her, footsteps can be heard as if she is chasing you, but when you turn around to look she automatically disappears. Left in her absence is the overwhelming scent of roses and a feeling of foreboding.

A few locals and several visitors to the location have reported being haunted by unseen forces even after they have left the haunted woods. The S & S Paranormal Research Group takes the haunted site seriously and warns that when visiting the Old House Woods that you could witness some of the most extreme paranormal evidence that will surely change your mind about ghosts. While investigating the area you should tread softly, quietly, and carefully or you may be injured, attacked, emotionally shocked, and quite possibly you may never be seen again.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
15th Jul 2015 (#)

Sherri, this article is the scariest you've ever written. This is paranormal writing at it's very best. I shared this on google + and twitter. Congratulations on the shiny gold star which is very well deserved.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
16th Jul 2015 (#)

I just don't believe in ghosts. I'd love to go to the buliding you described and have an encounter with a few ghosts.

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author avatar DOTTIE MARCUS
23rd Jan 2017 (#)

I would love to vist, do you know the directions to the house, please let me know them

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author avatar Shamarie
16th Jul 2015 (#)

This post is very engaging. I would like to visit this house! Congrats on the star page!!!

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author avatar Retired
17th Jul 2015 (#)

Spellbinding. Very good!

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author avatar Kingwell
22nd Jul 2015 (#)

I grew up hearing ghost stories but none as scary as this. Blessings.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Jul 2015 (#)

The images are spooky too and match your story, Sherri. I get goosebumps even while reading it - it looks so real! siva

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author avatar snerfu
29th Jul 2015 (#)

Well this ghost story is certainly different Sherri. Here we have light in the dark...held by the skeleton itself.
Top class one might add.

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author avatar peachpurple
12th Aug 2015 (#)

sure is spooky, sounds so alive and got me hooked

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