Megaliths and blood Sacrifice

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The megaliths were built for a specific purpose, to create more gravity by enlarging the electromagnetic field in the area where they were built...

Megaliths and the flipping of the earth

The megaliths were used as sacrificial sites, and to bring living breathing beings to
slaughter, because it strengthened the electromagnetic field of the earth around the Megalith. With the shedding of the blood of the sacrifice, it sustains this Luciferian system. It was important to shed the blood of the victim and to cover the megalith in that blood, creating extra powerful grids.. this was like battening down the hatches, it created a gravitational pull downward into the earth, and thus we had the upright man... It kept the spirit embedded in the flesh. Almost enslaving the spirit in the flesh. Men then identified themselves as a physical body, forgetting his first estate. The sacrifice is needed to keep spirit from understanding the continuity of consciousness outside the human mind and clay body. With the fear of the limit of death, men complied to the wishes of the fallen angels, who took on the flesh and gave birth to the Nephilim, or giants who built the Megaliths.

The megaliths were built in answer to the oncoming flood. They have all been built for the same purpose. God had warned mankind of the impending flood, just as today we know the earth will soon flip..... Each Megalith is a Massive stone structure, built out of stone blocks generally larger than any used in modern construction, and
are arranged around the world on a grid structure which
is 36 degrees of longitude apart, making ten equal-spaced
Giants world-wide, so from this construction the whole world was affected. by the electro-magnetic pull of these giants, making all flesh subject to the gravity created by the pull of a megalith.

What this shows us, is that today we lack the technology to build these same structures that mankind apparently was able to build before the last flood...Science has not discovered or invented anything new...It was here in the Day's of Noah, before the flood and the last flipping of the earth over 11,500 years fact God destroyed the earth because of it's inequity and the impingement upon free will...we can see that there is nothing new under the sun, we have re invented and rediscovered all the science and technology that got us destroyed over 11,500 years ago...

Let me explain...The flood was foretold, as it has been today, it was also known that the

earth's rotation would slow as it's electromagnetic field weakened then disappeared.

In Chaco Canyon is the sun dagger, it keeps precise time without any error, of the lunar, solar, and galactic time, the Mayans also kept precise time with the Sun Stone, which foretold of the sun returning to it's place of origin. What men don't understand is why it keeps galactic time...The sun will be over the black hole, in a few days, it is here where the greatest pull on the earth will ensue...

In Chaco Canyon, we have the sun dagger, whereas in Hendaye we have the prophecy of the angry sun. In our ignorance we have called these dire warnings prophecy, when in fact they are based on past events....that have happened many times on this earth...

The sun will be at it's place of origin in The galaxy among the constellations...we of course are never in the same place twice in the universe, but the same energies as in the days of Noah will be very evident.

All The megaliths can be found along the 33rd Parallel, this is precise because as the electromagnetic fields weaken the pole begins to shift...The poles will shift, regardless of the megaliths, once the true north pole reaches 40 degrees parallel. Men thought that by building the megaliths it would keep the earth from becoming top heavy, the Megaliths were an attempt to keep the weight of the earth balanced, so that when it flipped, the 33rd parallel would remain dry and safe....

During the flipping of the earth, it will stop rotating, this will cause the trade winds and gulf stream to stop, this will cause the frozen air of the poles to be forced to the middle of the earth, the catastrophic events will begin during the 3 days of darkness when the sun will be baking one half of the earth to a crisp. Also up will be down, north, south, and each person who is made up of an electromagnetic field will have an incredible time with the new push of gravity, instead of the pull...

The rooms in the megaliths are built with very large stones that have reverse electromagnetic fields, there will be those who know where to go while this is happening, and it will be to these specific rooms, there a person will still be stable enough to stay in their bodies, everyone outside the megaliths not so much.
So these rooms found in Angkor Wat, pyramid of the sun, Giza, Stonehenge were specifically built to ward off the affects of a reverse magnetic field, during the earth's flipping after 3 days of non-rotation. After this, we know that there will be major floods and upheavals and massive death and destruction in a unprecedented scale as the earth flips and starts to rotate counter clockwise.

however first there will be a portent, massive rocks will be falling from space, this is just starting now, in fact the last few months have seen more meteors and showers than in hundreds of years. as we get closer to the black hole of the Milky way

The megaliths are electromagnetic shields, and as the earth weakens we see a major exodus of sea creatures from the northern hemisphere seeking warmer waters, also jellyfish in the millions are finding their way to nuclear stations and megaliths, so they know something most of us don't. The affect on humanity when the poles shift has also been shown to us, by the Incas, by the aztecs, and by the Mayans who say it is the best time to climb the 'world tree' and By Jacob and Jacob's ladder.

Jacob falls a sleep on a special stone, (it is the seat of Scone) this stone has a reverse electromagnetic field, and Jacob leaves her body and climbs to heaven, in the same way as the Mayans portray the man climbing the 'tree of life to heaven. This stone of Scone was the seat of the king of England, and is now somewhere in Scotland.

So the megaliths were used as a beacon, we know this because they align with certain constellations, but that was so the giants could reincarnate back to the area where they had lived as human flesh before...that's another story...The megaliths had a specific purpose, to keep the earth stable against the physical affects of God's wrath...don't forget that it is called the Sun Dagger, and the prophecy of Hendaye call it the 'angry sun' there will be nowhere to hide, everytime the earth is hit with a massive cme (coronal mass ejection) this causes the molten lava to come up from the molten core, so those believing that the earth is hollow will find out otherwise, we see that many went into the underground with the last flipping, that is why there are over 10 million skeletons in the caves of Europe....

The universal law is unconditional love and free will..Free will has been impinged upon, when this happens to the extent that it is felt clear up to heaven (Lucifer is prince of the power of the air), then universe reacts, and the sun returns to it's place of origin which is nearest to the black hole of the Milky Way, the balance must be met, and the riff raff cleared from the surface of the earth

There is scientific evidence that something is affecting the Sun and the heliosphere that protects Earth and every planet from galactic radiation. Scientists are also monitoring changes on virtually every planet in our solar system including and most notably: Mars, Venus, and Jupiter.

ancient references write of major upheaval on the earth..... Egyptian, Mesopotamia, and South American cultures describe multiple times in their history where the Sun did not rise or set for a period of 3 days, and when the Sun did rise again, it rose from the opposite direction. Even in the Koran, it states that a future event will result in our Sun rising from the opposite direction.

The conventional dogma is that, during such an event, there would be less gravity causing people, animals, and objects to float off the planet. However the graviational pull created by the electromagnetic field keeps the ka or soul encased in the flesh. During the flipping of the earth, it will be much easier to float above our bodies as the Prince of the power of the air, becomes powerless to stop us....Out of Body experience will then be a natural occurrence for the multitudes...

So what happens when everyone is floating out of their bodies because their electromagnetic field has shifted from pointing down to pointing up (see iMayan world tree) many will meet Jesus Christ in the air, "We shall see him as he is, because we shall be like him!!"


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this is a marvellous telling especially of the Luciferian energyand keeping the soul caught in the body...many thanks

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