Mental Slavery

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A side long glance at the kind of mentality of oppression that creates Mental Slavery

Trouble Shooter

Some years ago, on another site, I was describing my work as a ‘Troubleshooter’ for various businesses.

A ‘Troubleshooter’, (depending on your terminology) is a person who is invited to examine a business to find out what isn’t working, where the bottlenecks are, what can be improved, changed, removed, instituted, etc.

It is kind of a fun job.

In the article I had mentioned a problem I encountered at the front desk. and used the name ‘Keisha’ for the clerk.

I received vicious comments at the bottom of the article. I was accused of Racism by a commenter, who said;

“Why would you blatantly use a name such as Keisha? That is a complete slap in the face to African Americans, who , by the way, wouldn’t qualify for such a high profile job!!! This article is racist!!”

Clearly, the writer does not realise that America is not the World.

The Rest of Earth

When one doesn’t live in America it seems a requirement to constantly alert the reader. It seems ‘African Americans’ can not comprehend that in other parts of the world, not only is the Prime Minister Black, the Chief Justice is Black, the Owner of the Business is Black, in fact, in other parts of the world, Non-Blacks might make up only 5%.

Hence, for a major business to have a Black Woman called Keisha at the front desk is ‘so?’ in Jamaica.

Believing Black people are poor, oppressed, powerless every where in the world and always have been, is what maintains that sense of inferiority. Interestingly, it is most Black Americans who believe this.


I am acquainted with an actor who was putting on a one man play called ‘American Moor’. I assumed it was about a powerful soldier or mafia don, I didn’t realise that to him, ‘moor’ was another word for ‘negro’.

I contacted him, explained who the Moors were, but he, an American, slapped away my words, as if I was having a delusion.

I’m sure the play will be about a victim. For he, being a Black American sees himself as a victim.

The interesting thing I find, is that few, if any, Black Americans who see themselves as 'victims’ think of leaving the country where they are 'victimised’ and going to a country where they are not victimised.

It is not like he is stapled to the ground in America, and if he is having so much trouble, I’m sure Nollywood, (the Nigerian movie industry) would snap him up. But he has no intention of leaving America any more than doesDonald Trump.

In Yard

Every week, in Jamaica, at least one man is shot and killed by the Police. Some weeks we have three, some weeks, only one, but you can bet that some civilian is shot and killed by the police, or just shot, or shot and charged and locked up and prosecuted.

The Police, in Jamaica are Black. So are the civilians. Alas, we can’t use racism. We have to look for other reasons.

That most police are bone cowards and join the force to get a gun, to become a member of gang is often canvassed here.

That is because we can’t say; “White Police shot and killed Black man.”

We will probably be able to solve our murderous Police problem before America because we are moving to the level of psychopath, to the need to have serious psychological assessment done before being one is allowed to enter Training School, after leaving Training School, and every year on the Force.

We haven’t started this yet, but we are talking about it. In America, they don’t have to talk about psychopaths, they can talk about racists.

And Here's the World

When I first got on the ‘Net via something called Telnet, I used to travel around and meet people and tell them, “I am from Jamaica.” They would be from Malaysia, or Russia, or Australia, or Kenya.

I never assumed that the people I was communicating with were in Jamaica.

One would have thought that people who entered the ‘Net would do so with, at least the passing fancy that there were people there who did not live in America.

I don’t know if this is outrageous, beyond belief, but the idea that everyone is American, and everyone has the same measures is so primitive it is funny.

It is the Mind

Bob Marley sang; “Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery, None but Ourselves can Free our Minds,” because he knew that much of the Oppression is that of a dog who thinks it is tied.

One of the rather clever things I do when someone talks about 'Reparations’ is to say "why don’t you ask for a 'Right of Return?" This is slapped away, because most Black Americans don’t want to go to Africa, since they believe Tarzan is swinging from the trees.


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author avatar Retired
7th Sep 2015 (#)

I had no idea that Keisha was a name reserved for people of a specific colour - indeed, I am still not clear what colour you are referring to, as I would imagine that this was a name used by both black and white families.

However, I do agree that people in the US are overly sensitive about race and skin colour.

You just don't get this where I live in Great Britain. My local city, Leicester, is populated by people of every skin colour and religion known to man - white-skinned Christians are almost a minority here - and we get on just fine. Why can't everyone else?

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author avatar Retired
7th Sep 2015 (#)

By the way, I have just Googled the name Keisha - the first hit is for a white New Zealander, the second for a black Brit!

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author avatar kaylar
7th Sep 2015 (#)

I found the comment amazing when I first read it, but over the years I have come to appreciate that American Blacks assume that people in power are white and that Black people all over the world live and think exactly as they do.

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author avatar Retired
10th Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar kaylar
10th Sep 2015 (#)

You are very welcom

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