Methods of avoid distacting back ground in photography

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Back ground is very important in photography. A very good photo can be very awkward if the back ground is not properly selected. Similarly, back ground can enhance the appeal of an ordinary photo.
There are THREE important methods of getting the right back ground.

1)sky back ground

Select a very bright back ground, as shown in the photograph. It is cloudy sky and appears to be washed out, and hence it is not distracting the attention from the photograph of the tree leaves. But we cannot always get this kind of the situation to do it.

2) Adjusting the camera angle

Look at the photo, The first one is of the rose in a pot, but the angle of the camera is bad. So, we are seeing the edge of the pot also, which is a distracting back ground, spoiling the beauty of the rose.

Changed camera angle

But in the next photo, the camera angle has been changed, so that the back ground is not a distracting one. This is the simplest method that can be used in most of the situations.

3)Controlling the depth of field: In this method,

Only flower is focused and back ground is blurred by controlling the depth of field. This can be done by adjusting the aperture of the camera.
Even though the above parameters appear to be simple, they are inter related. Sometimes, we may have to adjust both aperture and shutter speed of the camera to get the correct exposure.
Also, there will be situations where we cannot control the back ground by any of the above methods. Hence we may have to use the final method of editing.

4) Editing- after taking the picture.

This is a post processing method. That is, we will take the photo with unwanted back ground because we cannot change it. After words, we will use any of the photos editing software like Photoshop to remove or alter the back ground. But many times this is a bit difficult thing.

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