Michigan UFO Sightings

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Michigan is known as the fifth largest place to have UFO sightings. Many people have viewed orange lights in major places like Detroit, Grand Rapids, to small areas like Monroe Michigan. MIMUFON takes this serious and investigates the sightings and catalogs interviews and pictures from those who make the reports.

Michigan Triangle held Accountable for Area Sightings

Michigan is recorded as the fifth state with the largest of UFO Sightings. In Lake Michigan is known for having a triangle just like the Bermuda Triangle where many unusual sightings have been documented. In the Michigan Triangle many ships and airplanes have disappeared along with unusual sightings that appear to be UFO’s. Grand Rapids, Michigan area residents have spotted UFO’s near the airport reporting to MIMUFON a non-profit group that records sightings as well as investigates any reports.

Monroe Michigan Viewers Reported UFO's

In Monroe, Michigan a woman reported to MIMUFON reported seeing UFO while traveling with her husband north on S. Telegraph Road which is between Albain and Dunbar Roads. It was reported that her husband saw orange lights in the sky from the east. The couple watched the lights as they grew in number to about 17 then quickly disappeared. During this time several other reports were posted on Facebook sites and/or reported to MIMUFON. A Ford Motor Company retiree Dave Gibson goes for late night walks in Monroe and upon his return home on Wolverine Ave at about 10:15 pm when he saw “big orange orbs” rising in the east. He reported this to the Monroe Evening News. At the time Mr. Gibson reported seeing about ten of these orbs before they disappeared. As the orbs were disappearing Mr. Gibson noticed four large dark discs. MIMUFON director William J Konkolesky investigated the area to help Mr. Gibson verify that the UFO’s do exist.

Detroit Viewers Report

Many people have seen lights over metro Detroit reporting to the Fox 2 newsroom which first reported the story to the public. The Facebook page that they host had hundreds of reports of the sightings. The viewers claimed to have seen black triangle-shaped objects which circled over West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills. The objects made no noise and were endowed with bright lights. In the metro area residents saw objects with orange bright lights. It seems that everyone claims the objects were perfectly silent with no noise.

Credible Witnesses Report to MIMUFON

The group MIMUFON keeps a record of the sightings by viewers who are credible witnesses. In some cases pictures have been taken on put on file for future references. The government does get involved in some instances but as usual will not give a public report. Area residents usual depend on the group MIMUFON to investigate and verify the truth in these and many other sightings. The newspapers and radio stations are very instrumental in reporting to the public so that these sightings are not kept a secret. It is up to each individual who feels that they have spotted a UFO to keep track of what they see, from which direction, and the time. This helps MIMUFON to be able to catalog and report on UFO sightings.

Why Michigan for UFO Sightings

Why Michigan you may ask? Michigan is abundant in minerals, ores, and natural products along with many industrial sights. The resources that Michigan has is only part of what would be of interest to those from another world. Lake Michigan is a huge body of water that is very deep and provides a great place for UFO’s to hide. Lake Michigan is noted for sudden squalls and rogue waves that has caused the loss of ships, people, and planes. Usually UFO’s like to bury themselves in deep waters.

It is highly possible for the UFO visitors to build under water hideouts and remain deep in the Lake without being detected. When a ship or plane gets too close a sudden squall can come causing the destruction of the ship or plane. The protection of our people is number one and so far there has not been an actual report of violence by the UFO’s inhabitance other than the disappearances of ships and planes. It is very interesting some of the details reported by eye witnesses and of course the investigation of those missing ships and planes. Keep your eye in the sky and perhaps you too can become an eye witness of an UFO.


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22nd May 2015 (#)

Exciting news and I too hope to see some aliens around. (Some of the guys at office with me act pretty strangely!) Alien technology has helped man develop supercomputers. Nice article writershirley.

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