Microsoft Word Tips Working with Macros

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Essentially, macros are application software recordings. When recording, and then stopped, they can play back any formatting or editing of the Word document carried out during the macro recording. As such, it can be good to record some macros.

Microsoft Word Tips Working with Macros

To record a macro in Word, first select tools and then macro. When you have selected macro there will be a few options. Go to record new macro to begin recording. You will also need to name the macro appropriately, and perhaps also give a suitable macro description before starting.

Whether you assign a hot key to a macro is optional, however if you do not then you have to play the macro from the tools menu. If you add a hot-key this can be a suitable keyboard key that when pressed will run the macro for you.

When you start the macro, you may notice a stop button. Do not click on this yet! When you do click on this, it will stop the macro recording.

Start to format and edit the Word document appropriately. You may want to set up a page template of some description. Alternatively, you may just want to record a macro that that formats the text or adds a specific document title with formatting.

At any rate, when you have edited and formatted the document appropriately you can then stop the macro. To stop a macro, as mentioned you can simply select the stop button from the tools menu. You can also pause a macro if required by selecting the pause button next to stop, and then un-pause the macro again.

When a macro is finished, then you can play the macro. If you did not use a hot key, then go to tools, and select play macro. From here, you select the appropriate macro to play. However, if you did add a hot key to the macro then you can just press the appropriate hot key to play the macro.

When played, the macro will then run as it was recorded. It should be noted, that macros can also be further edited. When you select play macro, you can then select the appropriate macro to edit, and then edit. From here, the macros can be edited via the Visual Basic editor.

So overall, macro recordings can be used to edit documents in any variety of ways. Generally, they are best for any repetitive editing required.


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