Mind And Body Motivation: Character Building And Personality Development In Anger Management

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Three major setbacks which restrict an individual in building an amiable and amicable character and in developing a well adjusted personality are: Anger, stress, problem solving, self esteem and motivation.


Anger is a strong feeling against a situation or a person, which could be very unpleasant, resulting into hating and possibly hurting someone. Anger stimulates the release of the hormone epinephrine and norepinephrine, which are also produced under stress. Anger stimulates the heart, elevates blood pressure, raises blood sugar level, constricts the blood vessels in the digestive tract and produces feelings of excitement and arousal.

Angry individuals are at risk of having health problems. The handling and expression of anger is a problem for a very high percentage of individuals. The basic problem of anger is that many angry persons are unaware of their anger.

Anger Symptoms

Before anger is denied, each individual should take a good look at himself or herself in the light of some of the symptoms listed below:
• Feeling depressed with no identifiable reason
• Feelings of boredom- apathy or loss of interest in things about which you are normally enthusiastic.
• Habitual lateness to every important occasion to which the individual used to be punctual
• Flippancy: not taking matters seriously, sarcasm or cynicism
• Procrastination in the completion of imposed tasks.
• Smiling while hurting- laughing when situation or conversation is not funny.
• Over-politeness or pollyana bahaviour- the beaviour of a person who believes that good things are more likely to happen than bad things, even when this is very unlikely.
• A liking for ironic or sadistic humour.
• Waking up tired after at least seven or eight hours sleep rather than rested and refreshed.
• Frequent sighing
• Getting tired more easily than usual
• Slowing down of one’s movements and activities
• Getting drowsy at inappropriate times
• Nit-picking, fault-finding or excessive irritability regarding trivial issues
• Having nightmares or frequent disturbing or frightening dreams
• Chronically sore or stiff neck or shoulder muscles
• Over controlled monotone speaking voice.
• Spasmodic foot movement- facial tics and habitual fist-clenching
• Stomach ulcers, ‘touchy’ digestion, heartburn and finicky food habits
• Grinding of teeth (especially while sleeping).
• Clenched jaws (especially while sleeping).
• Difficulty in getting to sleep or sleeping through the night.
• Sleep much more than usual.
• Reluctance or unwillingness to speak up when your feelings have been hurt.

Recognition Of Anger

The above lists of symptoms are rage symptoms, which masquerade as irritation, annoyance, getting made, getting angry etc. Many individuals, because they are not aware of when they are angry, often believe they are never angry. It is the anger you are unaware of that is capable of causing the most damage to you and your relationships with other people. Our inability to react to such anger often gets expresses in other inappropriate and unintentional ways. The process of dealing with negative feelings in an inappropriate manner can be handled through ‘recognition of the anger’, ‘owning up to or accepting the anger’, and through ‘discharging of the anger’

The recognition of anger’s bodily signals is an important factor with which each individual can tackle their anger. Every individual has bodily signals with which he or she reacts to anger. The numerous symptoms highlighted above are eye-openers. Friends and family members might be helpful to tell each of us, how they can tell when we are ‘angry’ or ‘upset’. The common signals are ‘cleaning up’, ‘blushing’, ‘shortening of breath’, ‘drumming with fingers’, ‘foot tapping’ etc. What is your own signal? Try and find out from those closest to you.

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