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Recognising how you are controlled, manipulated, directed, and used by society

The Brain is Washed

In 1984 the Ministry of Truth produced pure lies. When a ration was cut, it would announce it was increased. The public, mindless sheep, did not doubt the truth of what they were told, even though last week they physically obtained more than this week.

When you first read that novel by George Orwell you push much of it into a 'Beam Me Up Scottie' drawer. The second time you read that book you realise you have been a victim of this kind of mind control for many years, unless your brain is totally pickled.

Most people have pickled brains, which is why they are sheep, following the goat into the slaughter house.

Global Warming

As I've mentioned in an early article, there is no Global Warming. You are being fed this so that the movement from Oil is not seen as Anti-Saudi, and allow America and its allies to depleat as much of their stock as possible. By making it seem that the world is in peril and fossil fuels are the cause, and that the Earth will be devastated unless there is a change, the 'weaning' from oil is not merely encouraged, it is seen as a matter of life and death..

The fact that many areas of the world have been experiencing extremely cold winters does not change the mind set of those who believe in Global Warming.

For example, I have an acquaintance who lives in upstate New York. Last year he was describing the terrible winter he had experienced. He wrote about how pipes burst, how electricity went off, how people died. Being mischievious I asked, "You still believe in Global Warming?"

"Of Course!" he retaliated, going into 'scientific data' as if an Evangelist at a tent meeting. I was cracking up, but of course he couldn't see my face, he being in Upstate New York, and me being in Jamaica.

This year, more snow has fallen than ever before in his very area. They are calling it 'Snowvember' and people are recounting how never before has it been this cold in November, never has so much snow ever fallen in their memories.

But they still believe in Global Warming.


You can work the figures any way you want. It doesn't matter. The results are the same. More people are dying of obesity related diseases than died of cigarette smoking in the ancient days when 'everybody' smoked.

Two Hundred Million People did not die of smoking. Two Hundred Million People died of diet related diseases. The problem of obesity is world wide, and only being confronted with band aids instead of action.

If you look at graduation photos taken in the 1950s, (when everybody smoked) you'll see a lot of slender kids. If you look at school photos taken in 2013 you'll see a large number of fat kids.

If you stand on a street corner right now, 90% of all people who pass you are obese. Even the poor. This is because of the remarkably unhealthy diet most people follow. Fast food, which is full of crap. Sodas which have no nutritional value, in fact have negative value are pushed down the throat of the population, being touted as cheap and filling, when they are toxic.

Clothes have been 'resized' so that the woman who, in 1980 would need to buy a '12' now takes a '6' because a '6' is what a '12' used to be. Things are so bad that those who need 'dummies' for crash tests have had to commission new fat dummies because most people are fat.

Yet most people are so anti-cigarette that it is almost pathological.

At a funeral for a fat 56 year old woman who (in my opinion exploded) Miss Agnes, (99) was standing with her daughter (Miss Winsome-80) smoking, when fat Sonia, (48) barrelled over to tell them how cigarettes were bad for them.

This really happened. I'm sure many of you reading this see nothing ironicr. After all, cigarettes are bad for you. The fact that Miss Agnes is 99 years old and at the funeral of someone who could be her granddaughter is missed. The fact Miss Agnes is alive and Fatty is dead doesn't register on the brain washed masses.

Cigarettes are bad, bleats the goat and the sheep stamp their feet, "Burger King Good, Cigarette Bad."

This is just a blatant example of much of the 'Health' terrorism that goes on today, where people are instructed to leave healthy products for toxic ones.


No one seems to catch the 'tricks'. No one seems to realise that the 'Arab Spring' was a form of 'underthrow' of Middle Eastern Governments.

There was no reason for any of it. It was done by Western nations to distract from the execution of Osama Bin Laden and to weaken the various Islamic nations so that they could spend the next decades tumbling over each other, retarding developement and distracting from the movement away from Oil.

By the time the situations are resolved, the value of oil will be so much less that these countries will, for the most part, be as poor as Haiti.

Barack Obama, an especially weak American President, sets the stage for the election of a rabid Right Wing war mongerer who will, with the blessing of the American People launch devastating attacks on Arab nations so that at the end of the wars, each will be run by a U.S. friendly puppet.

The process is to get the citizens to fight against themselves and cause disunity so that the chaos will allow solutions unthought of in 2010.

The 'Two Minutes Hate' of 1984 needs to be examined.

People were impelled to release their anger and frustration on a target which would depleate their store.

The Boss From Hell who attacks his staff for his own failings, is a handy example. Here's a guy who is inferior, who is in a position of power, who can not adequately deal with business, so to release all his frustration finds easy targets. When he's done, when he's stepped all over someone he can abuse, he feels better. He feels better and gets nicer, because he is purged.

Finding targets for peoplel to hate is useful. One doesn't deal with the direct issue, one deals with release of emotion, such as punching a pillow instead of a co-worker. The mind/body gains the necessary catharsis, and so the person moves on.


In Western society sex has been reduced to a bowel movement, (similiar to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). Moving from a level of importance, where women were to be virgins until marriage, and have sex with no one but their husbands, to the common 'hook up' where 14 year olds are having meaningless sex with any one available, the effect on society is not as easily seen.

Making sex meaningless was a method to destroy the revolutionairies of the 1960s/1970s. Get them off the demonstration and into bed, get them to lose the sense of priority one other person can hold.

During slavery the destruction of the family was necessary. Males were to be studs, "you're a black man, one woman can't satisfy you!' Females were to be breed mares, "you have to have out your lot". Men didn't bond with women, they were put to breed various females, who would have children which would soon be taken from them.

When you have no 'link' to anyone, when no one is special, you have no impetus to fight, rebel, or care. So the female the male has slammed is sold. Forgot her name. So the 'pickney' one has 'bred' are sold, no biggie.

This was effective during slavery, and many of the traces have persisted to this day. You'll find people in the ex-slave colonies who continue to have random sex with people who they don't really know, have children they don't really care about, and live for themselves.

It is a means of control, hence, raising kids to find sex meaningless, to be unable to bond, makes them easy targets. They can be used to 'rally' around a cause, because humans are herd creatures. They want to be part of; and where they can not be part of a family they become part of some kind of 'movement'. Whether religious or social or political, they form a group and groups are easier to see than the lone wolf.


So, people with nothing in their lives can join an organisation, i.e. some Global Warming group, and put every ounce of love, interest, sacrifice into it, because it is all they have.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

So we're all brainwashed.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

When the 'truth' about Global Warming being a lie came out, the 'powers-that-be' started calling it "Climate Change".

Again, this is fertile territory that David Icke has already tilled. But will the seeds planted ever turn into anything more than just 'interesting ideas'? I hope so. Wake up world: you're being hoodwinked.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

I am so glad you wrote this article, Kaylar. You are the voice of sanity among the brainwashed of the world.

Question the sanity of your global warming advocate: he is blaming the COLD on a warming earth. This is the logic of a moron.

Question the logic of the obese: It is not fat that makes a person fat, it is the carbohydrates that make people fat, gain weight easily, become diabetic, and die from any other cause but eating the wrong stuff. Add smoking to the fat mix and it is blamed for the premature death. In any case, people are killing themselves from stupidity caused by brain wash.

And, the biggest brain wash in the business is our leadership, who have instilled the most ludicrous lies in our heads and the brain washed believe them.

I'm with you Kaylar and wonder how we survive among the brain washed around us.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

The idea that the Earth was 'due' for an Ice Age, (as the last was about 12k years ago) was buried and this 'Global Warming' insanity took over.

It has been 'watered down' to a 'Climate Change', as if people have anything to do with it.

if you even go back no farther than 1000 years ago, when the Vikings found grapes growing in Canada, you'll realise that the climate they lived in was far warmer than the one we do.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
24th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting post and hail to your one of a kind writing!

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author avatar kaylar
24th Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you Fern!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
28th Nov 2014 (#)

We can still grow grapes in Canada, people think its a lot colder here that it is, but I do think that climate change, climate extremes - bad weather, is related to human activity.

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author avatar kaylar
30th Nov 2014 (#)

Pollution is human related. Dump toxic waste into a river, the results are man made.

With all respect, I don't think Canada is swarming with grapes.

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author avatar Retired
30th Nov 2014 (#)

Mark's right. In the Niagara Escarpment (Ontario), they grow grapes that are made into Ice Wine (in winter). In summer, we have some great vineyards in Ontario and BC and probably in some other provinces that I'm unfamiliar with.

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author avatar Retired
4th Mar 2015 (#)

Global warming has been the mind bend of the millennium. Yet, there are people on this website who comment regularly not only about its certainty but also about its catastrophe. They represent the brainwashed among us, especially when citing how heat makes cold! I posit this as proof positive that they have indeed lost their minds.

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author avatar kaylar
4th Mar 2015 (#)

From about 1950 - 1970 It didn't snow in November. In fact, if you look at the photos of JFK's funeral at the end of November, you can not but appreciate that the temperature was far above freezing.

In New York for the past few years, it becomes freezing in Snovember as they are calling it. They have blizzards.

It is snowing in March.

Niagra Falls froze solid.

It is cold.

In America in Europe, in Canada, it is as colder in March as it used to be in January.

In Jamaica, for the first time in my life....I have had to wear socks to bed and long pants.
And in Dec/Jan/Feb I had to wear a jacket over my nighty and a tee shirt underneath.

This is the first time in my life.

I can not be outside after 7 pm because it is cold. I have to wear a jacket.

This is the Tropics...or it used to be.

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