Mindfulness: Being aware of being aware of being aware

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This article is about living now.

The best of each moment is always happening for you now each, and every moment.

To make the best of each moment is simply to realise this truth, and then to try to start to live from it. As you continue on your life journey, each moment that comes to you from your future is the best moment ever available for you.

In fact it is the best, because it is really only ever the only moment available to you.

When is the moment of now being really present?

The moment of now, or the present moment is not a statically frozen point in time.

In fact, it exists outside of time.

Mindfulness or being aware of being aware helps you to reach into this present moment, but it does not exist anywhere where you might find it with only your body, your brain, or your mind.

The present moment refers to the journey of soul as it journeys through oneness, following this present moment which moves with it continuously.

At the same time, our soul is continuously opening up new parts of oneness for itself to explore, and to learn the truths of by love coming into that part as a sort of searchlight that allows all of this to take its place for you in your journey, or whilst you are upon your spiritual path.

Mindfulness then is about you being aware that you are aware.

When you are aware of being aware, you can then take the next step on from this, and ask the question to yourself, who is it that is aware of being aware, and who or what is it that is even existing beyond this, and is being aware that you are aware that you are aware now.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

This quote is from Buddha. This is a great start of course to concentrate your mind on the present moment.

This article is about going on even further than this though and it is about living from your soul right now, always in this moment of now, which is of course within the present moment.

Freezing the moment can free the moment from being frozen away from you

Freezing the moment to be aware of the present moment is achieved by you stopping what you are doing right now if it is taking you away from the present moment. This action then brings you back to the centred balance point of now once more again.

Is there anything wrong with flowing with your dream away from now, or is it really that it is this flowing that is actually moving you along with the present moment as it moves along?

In other words, does the present moment move, or is it always fixed into its position where it is?

This type of exercise (allowing yourself to flow along with what is) brings connective
thrust to the present moment by reconnecting your body to your soul at its maximum point.

On the other hand, our brain can grip our mind too strongly sometimes, and so practicing this freezing technique, as just outlined above relaxes the brain, loosening up its grip so to speak, and then your mind channels reopen for you even as then your soul input will then come on through too.

The brain is just the brain of course, but it can sometimes take you over if you let it do so.

When you get overinvolved in allowing it to function solely as itself it will get overworked, overstimulated, and tired because it has then lost contact with the revitalising link to the realness of truth that only exists in the present timelessness of your soul.

Timed untimedness, by freezing the moment of time, connects you back to this outside of time that can reconnect you then to the moving present moment.

This is perhaps not so easily achieved due to the frozen moving hand of time moving independently to the present moment which moves outside of time through its own growth spiral spiralling forever upwards into God's oneness.

Aspects of this oneness are being continually revealed from your living within God as your soul both inside and outside of time through your remaining within the moving moment of presence within the moment of now, right now.

Moment to moment living

Moment to moment living, is all about living in the now.

This means being absolutely aware of what is happening now, and what is appropriate for now. If you recognise the most appropriate thing to do in the now, you will then do the best thing moment to moment.

How can we decide what is the best thing to do in the moment of now?

Well, if you are trying to decide, of course it means you have left the moment of now.

Decisions are never made now, or in the moment, when you are wavering about them, outside of now. All decisions, if made in the moment, are spontaneously, and synchronistically arranged perfectly in the moment, by allowing the moment to perfectly connect with the real you.

Connect with the real you, or you as soul, so that "soul to now," is "now to soul," and so it just knows what to do, even without sending you even any intuitional nudges.

This means that if you are totally in the now, you are being soul totally, as that's where soul resides. If you operate solely from soul, the intuition is even bypassed, as you remain just knowing totally, and following where the knowing takes you.

How can we know like this?

Well to love life, is a clue.

If you are not loving your life, you do not know, and are not following the knowing, and are living away from the now.

Love, total love of life, will always bring you back to the now, and to living from the knowing of soul. Love in itself totally knows, at all times. So to know, love more. To live in the now, love more. To be more you as soul, love more.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Sep 2014 (#)

fascinating concepts indeed my friend...thank you...taking us on a journey that boggles the mind..

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author avatar spirited
24th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks Carolina.

When we boggle the mind, we might jump out of it then too!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Sep 2014 (#)

Live in the now - enriches the soul as it continues its journey within the present body it resides. Let us find peace in what we experience and who we meet. Thought provoking, Spirited - siva

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author avatar spirited
24th Sep 2014 (#)

total peace is only found from living in the now, thanks siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2014 (#)

Beautiful post and one of a kind too mate, cheers for your one of a kind talent and inspiration!

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author avatar spirited
26th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern, I'm always mindful about your thoughtful comments, much appreciated.

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

nice post i like it

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author avatar spirited
26th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks AjaySinghChauhan

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