Minute To Win It 1!

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The first idea for a minute to win it challenge!

Challege 1

This is the first challenge. Minute to Win It is a game show where a contestant is required to either

1) have something occur for a minute OR

2) complete something within a minute

These are usually done using household objects

This challenge's rules are as follows:

The contestant is given 1 minute to get 3 containers to weigh within 100 grams of each other. They do this by pouring water into the containers. The first container has rocks in it, and is filled by using water. The second container is very big, and also is filled with water. The third is a different size, but must be filled with cooking oil. At the end of the minute, the 3 containers will be weighed to see if the contestant was successful. The contestant cannot move the rocks or put the oil in any non-designated container. They can, however, lift the containers with their hands to see how much they seem to weigh.

There are also some strategies for this challenge. The first one would be to start with pouring water/vegetable oil into the lighter weight containers. Then you can keep doing this until they seem equal to the container with the rocks in it. Then you might not even have to pour water into the heavy one. Another really good strategy is to use as little water as possible in the heavier ones, and use a lot of vegetable oil. This is because the oil is a lot less dense than the water and so you'll need a lot more of it to get the same mass. There are many other strategies for this one.

Also there are a lot of ways that you could slightly alter this challenge. For example, you could have them have to be more accurate, or have different liquids. This could be like mud, soap, or you could use dirt, pebbles, or some small food items. Thanks for reading, and I will post another article soon!


Minute, Win

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