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It is a funny thing about intuition and being psychic. When you try too hard to be it, it never happens. When you are easygoing and understandingly patient about it happening it does. My case is the latter case: I did not expect it at all, and I approached it in a "strangely" easygoing and organic way that works for me genuinely and then ended up doing it in an intense way.

When I think about reality:

I think to myself that there is so much more than there appears to be. Recently, I have been watching the Amazon Phillip K. Dick "Electric Dreams" series with my Mother at times, and I have realized that reality really is limitless in a rational way, but here is what I mean by rational: The laws of physics cannot be broken, but anything amazing is possible within them right down to people flying in planes and spaceships, and even teleportation. In short, and in reality, anything "miracle" like can be achieved within the laws of physics, but without the cooperation of these laws, we cannot even walk well.

Indeed, when I think about reality, I think of Werner Von Braun's statement that "People belong wherever they want to go". I know, the original statement was: "Man belongs wherever he wants to go." But, I wanted to modernize it a bit in this "Miracles on Demand" article to underscore the point I am making well.

Indeed, also, reality is what we hypnotize ourselves for it to be, and when we break that spell, and fully understand reality, we can do anything within the laws of physics right down to flight, lasers and teleportation. Nikola Tesla proved this fact through his inventions, anyhow. The rational mysticism of thought is only limited by our irrational shortsightedness and overly irrational dependence on what is "impossible" and if it is impossible, we need to invent a way to do it within the realm of far sighted possibilities.

Think about reality this way: Reality is rationally mastered through understanding how to deal with it.

Put a question mark on "impossible" and say: Impossible?

"That which has been is that which will be, And that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun." say the book of Ecclesiastes in the King James Version of the Christian Bible. So, with that quote, for good or bad, I can say everything that can be rationally conceived in the imagination is possible.

The strangeness of life and existence come down to seeming innovations to one, and old science to another. There really are not any new discoveries except the ones we forgot for awhile when we really search ourselves. like Atlantis, Mu, Kush, Egypt, Greece and Rome existed before China, United States of America, Russia or any of the current "empires". I am saying that we have to expand our minds to understand ourselves fully before closing our minds and saying "Finished! I know it all."

So instead of impossible with a question mark or a definite exclamation mark, use quotes, and that right there will automatically expand your mind for starters. In fact, expand your imagination and get rid of the "im-" on possible and you will be doing yourself a real favor. For the greatest ideas, innovations and realities are yet to come.

The science of thought

What have I been saying throughout this article? Our limits ultimately then are within our irrational imagination and foolish self-mysticism, but who wants to admit that? The real loss in the game of life or genuine win really is "between our ears" for starters. After all, Henry Ford was right about this quote, I know that: "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." Come on, people, what is not possible? What is possible? Indeed, I can bring it down to three words: All reality is.


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