Missing Pets

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This article is about missing our beloved pets. It will give a lot of pain to us

Missing Pets

It gives a lot of pain while missing our pet. Most of us consider our pet as our family member and giving a lot of love, affection and care to it. Surely we will feel a lot if we missed our pet. It is very hard to explain the pain with words.

One of my friend is having a cute dog as his pet and he named it Tommy. He consider his dog as his son and provide a lot of care to it. Every day he made it to take bath and provide a good food to it, as well as take it to walking. He don't allow it to play with other street dogs, as he thought that this kind of playing activity will give some unwanted diseases to it. He provide hygienic and high class food items to it and treat it in a good way.

Always he start his day after seeing his pet. He is very much attached with it. Unfortunately it is suffered with high fever few days before. He took it to various doctors and provided a lot of good treatment to it. He searched a lot in internet for curing its sickness and gave all the medicines and foods as much as he can to cure its illness. But all his efforts are turned in to vain and he lost his dog yesterday.

He became mad with this lost. All his friends including myself, his wife and other family members tried a lot to cool him, but still he is in great pain and he don't have the ability to come out from this shock. He is crying a lot and tell about his pet's activities and achievements to everyone whoever came to see him. Really he is in very depressed stage. We take him to the hospital and doctor advised him to take proper rest.

In fact he consider his pet as his own kid and the lost of his pet creates a great pain in his heart, surely it will take a long time to come out from this pain. We all are praying for his recovery. No one have the ability to give his pet back to him and solve his issue. Don't have a lot of affection with your pet, it will create some unwanted issues in your life, if you missed it in the future.


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