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It's no surprise that I love pigeons and have done this small article to clear up a common misunderstanding :)

Clearing it up . . . .

“Rats with wings”



Just some of the words I have heard people use to label feral pigeons. Well it is time to set the record straight. The chances of you or anyone catching something from a pigeon are extremely rare; you should be more worried about your pet dog or cat as they are a much higher risk. Is your pet a vermin? I didn't think so. Give the poor guys a break they have lived along side humans throughout history and in the case of the Passenger Pigeon, they have already watched as humans killed of an entire species of Pigeon. The Pigeon has served as a messenger, food, entertainment and even a religious symbol in our history so in my opinion they deserve a lot more recognition then just a common pest.

Ok so they manage to get their poop all over your car, or all over the buildings where they roost, but even Pigeon poop has come in useful in the past as a highly valued fertilizer. Nowadays Pigeon breeders are still known to collect all that left over excrement and throw it on their gardens. Some people would argue that this is extremely harmful however this is often and exaggeration. Most animal faeces can carry a number of zoonotic diseases and health risks and there are always preventative measures to take. The same care is required of any caged bird when it comes to their droppings as is required of Pigeons. When dealing with large quantities wear a face mask and gloves in a well ventilated area.

As you may already have gathered, I love Pigeons. There have been countless behavioural studies carried out on Pigeons to help discover the secret to their amazing ability to navigate over long distances and while this skill alone is pretty impressive, it does not stop there. Did you know that it has been argued that Pigeons also possess “self recognition”? As humans we take that for granted, however in none human animals it is not a common observation. The method scientists use to explore this trait in animals is called “The Mirror Test” and only a few have been recorded to have passed including Bonobos, Chimpanzees, Bottle nosed Dolphins and Elephants. While Pigeons are still on the “questionable” list it is an incredible mark on their intelligence to be considered alongside Magpies who also succeed during studies.

To conclude:
1. A Pigeon is very unlikely to succeed in killing you.
2. You are more likely to catch something cuddling your beloved pet then you are from a Pigeon.
3. We are just as guilty of overpopulation then they are.
4. They are super smart and useful in a communications blackout.
5. They are people too because I said so 


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