Monarchy and Kingship in Britain

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Yesterday our Political Science professor delivered a lecture about the monarchy and kingship in Britain. So I thought why would not to write an article on this, So I decided to take my pen and draw.

The monarchy

king is dead yet kingship is alive, what does it mean? It means the king is dead yet the respect and symbol of King/Queen is still exist in Britain.

We can see how the British people has the respect for Queen Elizabeth. A few times ago the survey was published in which they asked the peoples, should there be kingship in Britain? the majority of the peoples said yes. King?Queen is the person in whose name the authority is exercised.

Now today the King/Queen practically has no powers and authority.
1: The King/Queen cannot veto the bill passed by the British Parliament.
2: They have no power to call or preside the meeting of Parliament.
3: They have no authority to take any step or action on national matters.

Further more the royal family is a burden on national exchequer. Every year when the budget bill passed there is a fix amount of money for royal family.

But the question how the Kingship has still survived in Britain.
Reasons of the survival of Kingship
1: Emotional attachment of people to the King/Queen.
2: It is a symbol of unity.
3: Kingship is the integral part of British constitution.
4: It has a long period of history.


I still believed that the Queen Elizabeth has more power than the British Parliament. Because sorry to say the British Parliament has no power and authority to take any decision on major issues they should have Queens confidence.


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