Money Saving Tip for Good Health - Milling Grains at Home

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If you like freshly milled flour to make your home-made bread, here's a good way of taking the sweat out of milling!


We either grow our own wheat or spelt ( a lot of work!) or we buy organic grains from the health food shop and mill the grains just before we want to use the flour, i.e. for bread or pancakes or wholemeal cakes. Milling grains into flour a short time before it's needed ensures that the flour contains all the vitamins and minerals it should have. In an ideal world I would use a stone mill or a quern, but at the moment I can't afford neither.

So the next best solution to this was finding a very strong metal grinder (forget coffee grinders!) that doesn't heat the grain. I had tried virtually everything with very little or no success until I found this electrical grinder and so I thought I'd share this information with you. And should we have "solar power failure", i.e. thick clouds or rain, I still have a locally found flat stone (bottom) with a handy top stone (flat on one side and round on the other) and a bed sheet, but it definitely is a lot of hard and tedious work to grind the grains the "pre-historic" way, but possible.

The Orbit Electric Blender With Mill BL-929M

  • With 1.25 Litre plastic jug
  • With very powerful mill
  • Consumption: 400 Watts
  • 4 settings: pulse, off, low and high
  • both blades stainless steel (they don't heat up!)
  • easy to use

This blender and mill comes in a stylish metallic design, a very easy to clean jug and mill and is sold by

Yes, it's made in China and I bought it for a very reasonable € 35.00 in a "Chinese Supermarket" here in Spain. Actually I had been looking for quite some time for a very powerful electrical mill that could cope with grinding grains.

Instruction Manual

On arrival at home, I studied the instruction manual and it's written very well, giving good information on cleaning and maintenance, realistic diagrams, safety considerations and operation instructions. In proper English!

Let's try the blender first!

We have two lovely milk goats, so I put some goat's milk, a banana, some "goji" berries, a bit of honey and a handful of almonds into the blender, gave it 3 bursts with the "pulse" and a totally delicious "smoothy" was ready. I filled it into pretty bowls and immediately washed up the blender cup. No work at all. Then we sat down to enjoy this delightful smoothy. A sweet, healthy, satisfying little lunch!

Another healthy fast food recipe that is made possible with this blender is chopping up fresh vegetables and a potato or two, adding some water, a pinch of salt, some green herbs and a stock cube, blend for 1 minute and fill the mixture into a pot. Heat this soup for 10 minutes and enjoy!

Now try the grinder!

This grinder is awesome! But very safe. One has to unscrew the bottom, turn the cup over to fill it with a cup of grains, screw on the bottom bit again and fit that onto the machine. 1 minute on "low" produced a very fine wholemeal flour from the wheat grains I had put in. Unscrew again, fill the flour into a bowl, wash up the grinder cup, easily done. A fine loaf of lovely smelling home-made bread was ready within a couple of hours. Butter and chopped chives onto it - delicious!

I am so happy I bought this Orbit blender with mill, not only does it make my life easier, but it finally enabled me to make very fine, healthy and fresh wholemeal flour, grind almonds to make authentic marzipan, peanut butter and so much more with it.

Thank you, Orbitronics!

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author avatar SuzAlicie
12th Aug 2010 (#)

This sounds like a great product. Finding a handy appliance that really does what it is supposed to can be a challenge.

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author avatar chrysolite
12th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you for your comment, Suzalicie! Yes, I think we should share good experiences with gadgets we buy, because a gadget that actually does what we want it to do and has a reasonable price is definitely a money saving tip, don't you think so? It's nice to share these things and maybe I'll write more articles like that. Have a nice day! :)

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author avatar rajaryanme
14th Aug 2010 (#)

A nice study and great article.

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author avatar chrysolite
15th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you rajaryanme for the nice comment! :) I really do live like that and enjoy it, especially if "modern technology" gives me a helping hand every so often.

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author avatar D in The Darling
19th Feb 2011 (#)

Didn't I say you're good? Oh, let me say it again. You're great. This is beautiful.

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