Monsters that we believed in our childhood.

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This article will talk about the monsters that we actually believed in at childhood. Or maybe just up to this day.


When we believe in things, sometimes they are fake, and are actually true. This list is a list we could all probably relate to. There were a time where we were kids, and people told us about monsters that appear at night. In fact, most of them actually came from their imagination. We would have been gullible enough to believe that a monster was out there to eat kids that were a certain age, and that you were that age, you would believe it would go for you at night. Nowadays, people make creepypastas, which is a series of mythical creatures that people make up over the Internet to scare people. Mostly the young ones, but for the very creative minded people, they manage to make the stories believable. Just to let any of the young readers know, even if there is a picture of the guy, its just a actor in a mask.


I'm pretty sure that we have believed in vampires. I believe that vampires were around for a very long time, possible back into the 1700's! Vampires are creatures that could turn to bats and turn others to vampires by biting their neck. Vampires are pretty popular in the media, as there is a show called Twilight. (Which, I have heard it was terrible, so I really didn't plan to watch it all.) I honestly didn't believe in vampires, since it seemed way too far fetched for me to even believe it in the first place. If vampires were to really exist, the population of vampires would probably be 5 billion against 2 billion humans. Yet being a guess, that all depends on how thirsty vampires are. Therefore, that means that vampires would be more effective than zombies!


Zombies are also another thing that we worry about up to this day. Do you honestly want to be put in a world where there are creatures eating another person, and you have to worry about living every second of the day? I also don't want to be running away, and all of a sudden trip over a rock, and every leaves in the helicopter. THEN, I would become dead meat. The reason why people are so worried about it is because it really is possible for the zombie apocalypse to happen. Maybe not the same way as we picture it, but something similar. Just like how someone may try to come up with a vaccine of a certain virus with a virus, then easily mutate to something that it shouldn't be. But yet, its really hard for the zombie apocalypse to happen, just as long as you have good security. An example, if a scientist gets infected and infects another, kill the infected, and evacuate the building, and light it on fire.


Ghosts are something that does and does not exist. We honestly don't know, and there has been some proof of ghosts. Ghosts are definitely the main characters in many scary movies, and come in many forms. Some draw them like the way Pac-man ghosts are drawn. Or maybe a person without color and just see through. Besides, every time a show features a ghost, it must be a haunted house, or maybe that spooky mansion that housed people that were once alive. (I really do wonder why people go in these houses in the first place. It doesn't sound so much of a smart idea when you think about it.) Ghosts have also been celebrated as a holiday in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo. As they put out food for their dead loved ones, and pretty much remember about them. Ghosts are viewed differently around the world.


We probably have stop believing in two of the three things on this list. However, I still believe in ghosts mainly because there are many things that happened. People blame the "wind", whilst the ghosts are practically wind themselves. Some religions pretty much say that ghosts are real. Christianity is the 1# religion, whilst the religion says that demons and angels are real. These two are practically ghost, since ghosts are technically dead people. All in all, when you start believing in monsters, and you know that its fake, but yet you still get scared of the monster, this usually proves you can't tell yourself its fake. You can even spook yourself when your eyes make an illusion, which makes your mind jump a little bit and attempt to believe that was something. At the end of the day, they don't exist. Or do they?


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author avatar brendamarie
19th Jul 2015 (#)

very cool article

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author avatar kaylar
19th Jul 2015 (#)

Actually, there were and are those we can call Vampires; that is humans who drink human blood, or bath in it. i.e. Elizabeth Bathory, and when it comes to Zombies, there is a drug that is given which does turn the person into a kind of robot.
The Vampire thing is European, but the Zombie thing is West AFrican and is known in Haiti today.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
19th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for the info! I never realized that vampires and zombies technically existed.

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author avatar kaylar
19th Jul 2015 (#)

Oh yes, the concepts didn't come out of imagination.

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author avatar Carol Roach
20th Jul 2015 (#)

there is a disease I wrote about her where people drink blood

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