Moon walking, a Stanley Kubrick Production

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The spacecraft had been orbiting less than 100 days, but have already sent back a wealth of data about these regions called the Van Allen radiation belt, which are difficult to measure, as the radiation there is damaging to most probes, destroying all of their electrical components, making it impossible for the probes to pass through these radiation belts.

Van Allen Radiation Belt impossible to pass through

Barak Hussein Obama recently stated that the Lunar exploration has been cancelled because we do not have the technology to send men and sustain them, to outer space.

NASA has recently discovered the Van Allen belt, there are 3 of them that surround the earth, they are extremely viable and harmful..high radiation output that would destroy men in a millisecond and have destroyed the spacecraft that have been sent up to check out this recent discovery.....

"What we're seeing is a much more dynamic, much more rapidly changing outer radiation belt than we expected to see," said Daniel Baker, principal investigator of the Van Allen Probes Relativistic Electron Proton Telescope instrument, who is the director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder. "We're seeing both spatial and temporal structure that we simply didn't know existed."

yes that is right NASA who supposedly sent men to the moon in the 1960's have just discovered a radiation belt around the earth, that has been there a very very long is absolutely impossible to pass through, the radiation being so high it would kill a man within minutes...

Supposedly the men in moon gear wore that to protect against no air, and to hold them down because of no gravity, nothing was ever said about radiation, there was no thick aluminum gadgets to protect the space craft against such a bombardment because...NASA did not even know it was there..Now a man would have to wear an aluminum suit that weighs at least 1 ton to protect against this radiation belt.....

And the insights provided by the Van Allen Probes are just getting started — the vehicles are slated for at least a two-year mission. Ultimately their findings will not just elucidate the science behind this part of Earth's environment, but could help protect future spacecraft from the damaging effects of the radiation there.

In 1969 America and NASA supposedly sent men to the moon....Spacesuits for the Apollo program had to do things the Mercury and Gemini suits could not. They had to protect astronauts while they were walking on the moon. The Apollo suits had boots made to walk on rocky ground. The Apollo suits also had a life support system. The astronauts could go far away from the lunar lander because they weren’t connected by a hose. Spacesuits like the Apollo suits were used on the Skylab space station missions. Like the Gemini suits, these suits connected to Skylab with a hose,

NOTICE THAT THE SUITS HAD NO RADIATION PROTECTION, NEITHER DID THE SPACECRAFT, Now the probes they send up today have 180 tons of aluminum to protect them, because the radiation from the Van Allen Belt simply destroys them in a matter of days....

So how would a group of men in just small orange suites with no radiation protection ride through the Van Allen Radiation Belts??

They didn't. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Moon landings never took place.

William Shatner told Whoopie Goldberg that he went to NASA where there were over 50,000 technicians working on the capsule that was supposedly going to the moon...inside the window was a small screen where William Shatner watched a simulated moon landing....The crowd of scientists applauded him when he came out of the capsule because for all intents and purposes, he was the first man on the moon.

The Stanley Kubrick production of the moon landing was a big hit, people believed we could get off this tiny planet. It was important for NASA to prove we could go to the moon, that way they could say that the et's or Nordics, or Ariana whatever you would like to call this Aryan race, were aliens from another planet, and came here to earth.

Buzzers should be going off in your head now...The van Allen radiation belts were just discovered, the little spacecraft invented by Hitler, were very lightweight made to fly around the earth's atmosphere....because they would be utterly destroyed if they had to pass through the Van Allen radiation belt to get into outer space. NASA kept up with the charade of these flying saucers after project paperclip was brought to the United States by the Nazi's after WWII.

The whole space program is a fictitious set of events, an alien was the purpose of The elite to control the earth by making people fear an invasion from outer space....there never was one....they can't leave their respective planets, just like WE CAN NOT LEAVE OURS!!! Science has prov-en that these radiation belts exist around all planets...

This proves that the lies told to us by people such as Zechariah Sitchin and Billy Meyers were part of an agenda to make people believe in Aliens, and to make people believe that an invasion of aliens was possible.

We know now that this is a lie...the great deception is being unveiled before our eyes, let's watch as they try to make us believe in et's that have been DNA spliced and diced in some fictitious laboratory. The elite in their zest to completely control the earth and the mental and spiritual activities of the sheeple have faked us's time to debunk their sorry asses...

China just released photos of some faked extra terrestrial, that they happened to find dead. These et's are always dead, because they can not yet animate wax...but they are working on it..

Stanley Kubrick tried to elucidate the fake moon landing by giving us clues in the film The Shining....the film of the moon landing supposedly just disappeared event so cataclysmic and mind-blowing and the film just happened to disappear...They had to get rid of the evidence, today's technology would have seen all the obvious fake settings and of course the factitious lunar landing proved full of holes....


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd May 2013 (#)

Really interesting ideas here, I know there are many who say the moon walking never took place.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd May 2013 (#)

Very interesting hypothesis about moon landing. NASA has some explaining to do - siva

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author avatar Hipriestess4u
23rd May 2013 (#)

thanks for commenting, this discovery by Van Allen has rocked the science community, they were wondering why all the probes in space were being systematically destroyed!

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author avatar Hipriestess4u
23rd May 2013 (#)

thanks for commenting, this discovery by Van Allen has rocked the science community, they were wondering why all the probes in space were being systematically destroyed!

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