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Music has power to heal diseases. Music is certainly next to silence.

Music consists of only sounds--no words - no language.

There's music in the sighing of a reed;
There's music in the gushing of a rill;
There's music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.
~Lord Byron

It has long been known to mankind that music has invisible powers-the power to calm, the power to heal, the power to rouse and the power to evoke emotions. Every culture of the world has used music to increase and change their mental and physical states. Music therapy is a structured use of musical experiences to make easier positive changes in human behavior and to clear out the negative elements. It works like a healing medicine in cases of stress, depression, anxiety and pain. Music therapy can also be used to treat sleeplessness, epilepsy, strokes, learning disabilities, brain injuries and aging related conditions. Evidence shows that listening to suitable music normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes heart rate, heightens concentration and creativity.

It is a scientific fact that sound affects every living thing. Harsh, loud and unpleasant sounds can disturb the mind as well as the body. Perfectly metered sounds have highly beneficial effects on all. The mantras of the Vedas are in fact scientific sound formulas set in such a manner, that when chanted in accordance with the prescribed meter of sound, have powerful effects on the surrounding atmosphere. The rhythmic sounds of church or temple bells and vibrations produced by Shankh (conch shell) during devotional practices have also been found to have curative applications.

Healing power of Indian Ragas:

All musical notes have a particular vibration, which is similar in some way to some part of the body. The Indian Ragas are aimed towards making these vibrations more active. The Ragas are designed in keeping with the various cycles of the season and times of the day. These are then brought into line with the corresponding meridians in the body. The experimental studies on therapeutic evaluation of the classical ragas have shown interesting results.

The afternoon Raag Sarang, for instance, is effective in treating epilepsy.

Singing or listening of Raag Bharavi has been found to uproot the diseases of asthma, chronic cold, cough, tuberculosis, some of the sinus and chest related problems.

Raag Asavari is effective in eliminating the impurities of blood and related diseases.

Raag Malhar calms anger, excessive mental excitement and mental instability.

Raag Saurat and Raag Jaijaivanti have also been found effective in curing mental disorders and calming the mind.

Raag Hindola helps in sharpening the memory and focusing mental concentration.

Raag Bageshwari is one of the rare ragas that controls the mind, when overpowered by despair and defeat.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
24th Jun 2011 (#)

Beautiful jayababy...:0)

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author avatar jak2010
24th Jun 2011 (#)

This is true. Good that you brought this up.

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25th Jun 2011 (#)

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author avatar satan fury
25th Jun 2011 (#)

Classical music is healing too.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
25th Jun 2011 (#)

You are right, jayababy. I never let music leave me. Good posting. Thank you.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
25th Jun 2011 (#)

You are right, jayababy. I never let music leave me. Good posting. Thank you.

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author avatar THARA RAJEEV
25th Jun 2011 (#)

Nice post......................i love to listen music always..

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author avatar Prasul Surendran
25th Jun 2011 (#)

I had heard the music could do wonders.. and the raagas.. I will try if that works :)

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author avatar Denise O
25th Jun 2011 (#)

The best music for calming, to my ears is, a really good downpour of rain, as it hits the metal roof of our shed. It will put me to sleep in seconds. Very interesting read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Buzz
25th Jun 2011 (#)

That's true, jayababy. Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Rachmaninov - their music heals. Great share.

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author avatar Songbird B
25th Jun 2011 (#)

Wonderful article my friend, and so true as well. Music has a natural healing vibration. My life is built around music, and I would be lost without it. Thank you for the information regarding Indian Ragas...Great share!

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author avatar wonder
28th Jun 2011 (#)

This is an inspiring article, I now feel like listening to those ragas.

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
8th Jul 2011 (#)

This is so true, jayababy. Wonderful article, thank you..

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author avatar 65tLkVsfX2T
22nd Jul 2019 (#)


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