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When a great piece of classic music remains unknown to the music lovers I suffer just as much as I suffer when the wrong person or the wrong country gets accredited for a huge success.

Puting the dot on i

Who hasn't heard of the famous "Father and daughter" soundtrack? I bet everybody enjoyed the song at least once in a life time, but only few knew that this masterpiece belongs to a Romanian composer, Iosif Ivanovici, baptised Johan Ivanovic, where from the wrong attribution of the masterpiece to another Johan, Johan Strauss.

Have many of you knew that the credits for the soundtrack of "Karate kid" during the training in nature along with the so famous "Kill Bill" soundtrack, called "Lonely shepherd" shouldn't go to Bill Conti and James Last respectively, but to Romanian Gheorghe Zamfir, composer of many tracks that make your nights more enjoyable? Call me a patriot, call me as you like, but I like to put the dot on the I.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce to the music lovers a piece that had not yet received the popularity scores that it deserves, let alone make rich its composer and/or interpreter due to high-jacking the copyrights.

Since all the Romanians have heard it but only few know anything at all about it, I have the pleasure to introduce to you one of the most familiar but the most enigmatic Romanian pieces of art, the generic of "Teleencyclopedia" an educational TV program that is running since the communist era.

The composer is the late Nicolae Kirculescu, the piece belongs to "Four studies for piano and orchestra", was composed in 1965, it is called "Musical moment" and it is exquisitely played at piano by maestro Dan Grigore and the orchestra conducted by his excellence Iosif Conta himself. Enjoy!


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author avatar Intelek Int'l
16th Nov 2013 (#)

Hi Boema6

Do you have any evidence to support your claim of high-jacking?

Surely if you are going to make such serious allegations you need to "dot the 'i'" in this respect.

Please support your claims with evidence.

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author avatar boema6
19th Nov 2013 (#)

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