Must-Haves for the Ultimate Garage Makeover

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A garage is a valuable asset for your home. With the right setup, your garage can be a great work space, laundry area, or even a man cave. But if you're not careful, your garage can become the place that you stack old boxes and let pests and mold run rampant.

Take a look around your garage: Is it everything that it could be? If not, consider these must-haves for your ultimate garage makeover.

Steel Kits

Your garage may be too small to hold much else besides a car and maybe a few boxes. In that case, you can get the room you need for a work area by investing in a steel kit.
These steel kits allow you to create a separate garage and workshop area that will give you the additional space you need.

The steel kits are durable and safe, protecting against mold, rot, pest infestation, and other common house damage. The steel is also fire-proof and energy-efficient.

Complete Storage System

Whether you plan to do a lot of wood working in your garage or you just want to have extra storage space for holiday decorations and other items, you will need a complete storage system to ensure that the garage does not become a cluttered and disordered mess.

Install cabinets, shelves, work benches, peg boards, tool hangers, tool boxes and more to store and organize everything that you will need in your garage. Make sure to label the shelves and storage bins, as well, to keep things where they should be.

New Floors

Most garages have a basic concrete floor that stains easily and isn't too much to look at. Makeover your garage by either laying down an epoxy finish on top of the concrete or installing rubber mats over the entirety of the floor.

The epoxy finish will give the floor an attractive shine, and it will protect the floor from stains and make it easier to clean. The rubber mats will also protect against staining while providing a little spring under your step.

Heating and Cooling

If you plan to spend any amount of time in your garage, such as when working on projects, you will want to install heating and cooling to make the space comfortable. You can go all out and insulate the garage and connect it to your central cooling and heating system, or you can add portable units such as a window AC or space heater.

Good Lighting

Most garages can be pretty dismal places. They tend to have limited lighting, and what is there is not of the best quality.

You can make the garage more attractive and inviting by adding some better lighting. You should include overhead lighting for the whole space, as well as spot lighting for individual work and storage spaces.

Entertainment and Decor

Make the garage a more pleasant place to spend time by adding entertainment and decor. Put up posters, metal wall art, or neon signs that reflect your personality and your style. Install speakers that connect to a main stereo system or that have Bluetooth functionality to stream music from your phone. You might even put a small TV in a corner of your work bench where you can watch tutorial videos or just play the game while you're working.

By making over your garage, you'll create better storage options, a great place to work, and a more inviting space to spend time. You'll also add value to your home by showing potential buyers the kind of potential the space has. Consider making these and other upgrades to your garage this year.


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