My Boy Billy

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A true story about a very clever dog that had to be free!

How it came to be

Billy was a rescue dog. I had just split up from my ex husband and thought that it would be a very good idea to get a dog for security purposes. My daughter was ten years and it was just the two of us in the house with a couple of cats.
We went down to the Humane Society and walked around. I had babysat a few dogs but I had never had one of my own. We walked by all the cages, all the dogs were really large. My daughter saw a cute black and white Border Collie mix. When she went over to his cage he stood up on his hind legs and wrapped his paws around her arm. He picked us!
He was a little larger than I wanted but he attached himself to my daughter right away. So there it was … we had a dog! We had to return later in the week after he got micro chipped and neutered. He was a character!

Life with Billy

We had a very large fenced yard and let him run around. He was so happy!!! He ran around for at least 20 minutes enjoying the freedom. Billy and Sarah played tag; he even grabbed her ponytail, she just laughed. They had a ball!
I was working full time so I borrowed a kennel so that Billy could have his own room. Unfortunately, I guess he felt freedom and decided that he didn’t like his kennel so he bent the door and got out. Next thing I knew he was standing by the side of my bed on the second floor looking at me. He used to challenge me all the time, but I read about pack behaviour and stared him down. I had to be the alpha in the household. I was tired and I let him sleep on the floor beside my bed. He won that one.
I left him in the house; he decided to explore the kitchen counter, garbage cans and managed to terrify the cats.
I tried leaving him in the backyard which I said earlier was fully fenced. My dad built him a dog house; I left water outside for him.
Billy didn’t like to be alone or confined so he would climb the chain link fence, which got him to the height of the tree which he climbed and voila he was out of the yard. I decided to tie him to his dog house so he wouldn’t leave… that didn’t work he tried to escape and almost choked himself because he still managed to climb the tree before he ran out of rope.

Billy goes to a better home

Billy was a great dog but loved to wander off. He became more than I could handle. I had a friend that lived up north on 20 acres and had a female Border Collie mix. She was looking for a friend for her dog. I asked her to come over and meet Billy. It was love at first sight. My beautiful boy went to a better home where he had acres to explore, no traffic to worry about and a very happy friend to play with.
We only had Billy for about three months but enjoyed listening to “Billy in the country stories” for years.
Billy taught his new girlfriend how to climb split rail fences and how to herd sheep that weren’t his.
He was a super intelligent dog that wanted more from life that being a couch potato!


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author avatar Songbird B
11th Jun 2013 (#)

Oh how I could relate to this Georgia! I used to have rescue Collies, and they are so intelligent and so crafty, that it is a challenge to keep them amused!
They are natural working dogs who are at their happiest when they are busy, or getting into My ones set me a few challenges too one way and another. Sorry to hear it didn't work out as you had hoped, but at least Billy has a really good home and had someone who cared enough to give him his second chance.. Bless you for taking him on\0/x

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author avatar Mystic Maid
11th Jun 2013 (#)

He was a great dog! I wish I had your expertise when I had him.
Thanks for your comments!

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