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My cat had a bad urinary tract infection. The vet prescribed Royal Canin cat food.


Ever since my cat Rugby got sick it has been costing us a lot of money for cat food. Back in December Rugby started peeing blood. The cat is only three years old. Then he started to pee on my bed. This is something he has never done before. My aunt took him to the vet and they checked him out for crystals but said he didn’t have any.

Rugby was very sick

They gave him antibiotics but it didn’t work. My aunt took him back and they did a blood test and an X-ray and he did not have crystals. They said he had a very bad urinary infection. He they gave him a stronger pill.

The reason my aunt to him is because she has a car and the vet is across the bridge on the mainland in St. Lambert, Quebec.

Rugby was getting really sick, lying around in one place for hours just like a dying cat does. I know that from experience. A few of my cats who were dying did the same thing.

I got my aunt to take him back to the vet and again they gave him a stronger pill. This time the antibiotic worked and he was back to normal.

Royal Cannin cat food

The trouble is the vet said the infection was caused by his diet. Now both my cats, Rugby and Junia, are on Royal Cannin cat food. Every three months I buy a large bag that costs $81.00.

However, I rather spend that money on food then to have to spend $300.00 like I did for the vet bills. The vet said if it got worse it could cost around $600.00 which I don't have. My cat is so young I just didn't want to let him die.

What kind of cat food do you use?

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
20th Aug 2015 (#)

When I had a cat , Carol ...I used to pray for it when it was out of sorts .
I usually fed it tinned meat or pouches .
It lived to a good old age
Hope all is well with your cat now
God bless you
Stella ><

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