My Continued Learning of SEO

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How to (freely) research keywords for your articles to achieve higher SEO.

My Continued Learning of SEO

A while ago I wrote an article entitled SEO for Beginners and instead of editing the entire thing I decided to write about what I have learned since then, besides it's always nice to see a little progression in whatever we do.

I previously said to use Google Trends to help find popular tags and help improve your Search Engine Optimization and it is a good (and also importantly free) tool however it leaves out one important consideration - competition.

It doesn't matter if you have the most popular searched tags if there is so much competition vying for the same keywords that you are never seen, instead it is much more useful to use tags that are less popular but have little competition.

It is better to use a lower searched phrase or keyword that barely has any other information on the same topic in order to rank significantly higher in Google (and other search engines) and hopefully achieve first page status - although this proves to be very difficult in my opinion.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

So now I use Google Adwords Keyword Tool - also a free service provided by Google. It is fairly simple to use simply type in the keyword or phrase that relates to your article (or a few different phrases) and it will give you a hundred similar phrases how often they are searched per month globally and locally and if they have low, medium or high competition.

When searching for tags don't worry about the website or category - this threw me off the first time I used the Google Keywords. Choose a phrase that has low competition - and that relates to your article or blog and click on that phrase and choose Google Search. To get an idea of which page you will rank on see when the chosen phrase is no longer bolded in the visible summary or title.

If you find a keyword that has moderate searches and very low competition you might want to consider incorporating it into your title but try to not over use it within your article.

So although I still have limited knowledge and experience of SEO I hope it was helpful. Have another method for increasing your SEO? I would love to hear it.

The original article - SEO for Beginners

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
11th Jan 2013 (#)

What an excellent way to revisit a topic by going through what you now know. Of course the world of SEO is an ever changing one and what you write will almost certainly change tomorrow albeit in some small way.

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21st Jun 2013 (#)


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