My Success Is My Own And Not What Anyone Else Makes It!

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Self defined success. Accomplished with personal fulfilments set to one's own standard.

My Success Is My Own And Not What Anyone Else Makes It!

As usual my extremely envious enemies are always directing negative black magic spells toward my way in hope of causing impediments. They will sometimes try to work against me at any day and at specific times of the week yet their most main days in which they indulge is on Thursdays and Fridays.

I can always feel them and what they are attempting to do and what they are attempting to make come about, and why.

Yes, I am constantly being monitored by them. A certain blog post that I wrote set them off in this particular incident. They work together here and there, and spread about.

Last Thursday and Friday on the 30th and on the 31st my enemies were heated. They tried to send a few evil spells that I immediately sent right on back and I further enjoyed a beautiful weekend.

Amongst other things they want to bind me up from experiencing the success that is around me and the ultimate successes that are meant for my life. It is a thick jealousy that they carry, the killing kind. Nevertheless, it does not matter. They are digging their own graves.

I was just recently told by a successful self-made business woman who said to me through a private message ” I am happy you have found a way to get back at those who tried to hold you under their thumb”.

She was commenting in response to a compliment that I gave her regarding an article that she had wrote about those in general and within the market field who try to hold other people back due to being intimidated by their knowledge, demeanor, and/or abilities. And that she had decided to go into self-service (going into business for herself).

As I related and had the same ideas and attitudes, I expressed to her how I became more fulfilled once I undertook that same root. I knew that I was always meant to be my own boss even if that sometimes meant working with others-no problem-just as long as I am in charge of leading my own way in the fields that I belong in and that I can eventually blossom throughout.

Tainted employers won’t let you go or get too far when you are too intelligent, too confident, too strong-willed, and not corrupt.

Success means many different things to different people. It can only be defined by the individual who is satisfied with whatever it is that they consider to be their aim and accomplishment.

What got to me about what the woman mentioned to me is the expression “get back”. I never looked at doing things on my own as getting back at those who didn’t want to see me get anywhere.

It is an interesting concept. I’ve heard that the best revenge is being successful, and I have enough common sense to know that it would eat any enemy up to see their intended target prevail against any of their malicious misdeeds.

I just knew that with the certain people existing in the here and now, in this day and age, that they were more worse than ever. With the insanity and jealousy that I’ve constantly and continuously had circling around me for years I would never cease to run into obstacles from particular individuals.

I have never been one to kiss anybody’s behind or to let anyone walk all over me just to get by or to get along. And I darn sure wasn’t going to waste my life by being anyone’s flunky like so many others have-it just wasn’t in my nature or character.

These are serious and dangerous times and one has to be on guard and very vigilant about their well-fare. It is important not to let others onto specific things that you have going on or going planned even though they inspire on their own and with others to investigate in order to tarnish a career.

However, they do not know what you really have going on if you are quite clever about any specific venture. Some may not even believe an undertaking is possible or that you actually have a business going on at all-and that is even better because it gives one a further head start. Then if or when the opposition eventually or actually does find out it is already too late for them to try to interfere.

I never gave up. I never give in. I never had fear. I never loss focus.

I am so glad that I have such a beautiful blog to use as a further tool for my automatic writing. Aside from the other few things that I have going on within my life I’ll always stay true and in connection to the universe that sustains me.

Writing is a complete joy!-LaToya


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