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This disorder causes scaling,crusting skin and a dull dry coat, the condition does however improve with effective supplementation.

X Is For X-RAY

Most of us are familiar with x-rays (radiographs) either because we have had to have one done of a fractured limb or you may have had to have one done for a pet. X-rays are a common procedure which can be used to diagnose problems like tumors, obstructions, broken bones, hip dysplasia and kidney and bladder stones.

X-rays were developed in 1895 and since then they have become a valuable tool in the diagnoses and treatment of disease. When using radiographs to assist in diagnosing a condition, two views should always be taken, as the superimposition of one body part over another can hide a problem.

Y Is For YIN and YANG

In the basis of Chinese medicine, the functional activity of the organs will determine whether if it is deficient or displays excess functional activity. Hollow organs inside our pets as well as ourselves, are called Yang organs, these are the biliary system, stomach, intestines and urinary bladder. The Yin organs include the liver, spleen, kidneys, pericardium, heart and lungs.

Zee Is For ZINC

This essencial mineral called zinc is required by our pets as well as ourselves for maintaining a healthy skin, taste buds as well as an efficient immune system. Zinc is also important for detoxifying ammonia waste. When zinc is deficient in an animal it can result in a poor skin and coat. This has long been called “generic dry dog food disease because it used to be associated with poorly formulated dry dog foods with a low meat and high serial content. Too much calsium in a diet, reduces the efficacy of zinc in the body.write on


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author avatar KMarch
7th May 2013 (#)

Such simple points - ABC or XYZ - can be so important. Sometimes the simplicity makes it hard to take them seriously, which is our loss. Thanks for the XYZs.

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author avatar Kingwell
7th May 2013 (#)

Very important if we are to take proper care of our pets.

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author avatar Susan Jane
7th May 2013 (#)

Wish I'd known about this when my little cat Lucy was alive. She suffered with skin irritations. Thanks for sharing this important pet information with us.

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author avatar Songbird B
7th May 2013 (#)

An informative article as always Andre'..This made interesting reading my friend with regards to our pets..\0/x

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author avatar johnbee
8th May 2013 (#)

Good info.

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author avatar Mariah
8th May 2013 (#)

Important info.
Thank You TP.

(could one also ask whilst one is communicating, if a certain author might also be publishing tales of the crypt in the near future)??

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author avatar Delicia Powers
8th May 2013 (#)

Great info, thanks Tranquilpen...:0)

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