My creativity bubbles over into a video channel

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Ah, creativity.... what can be said about creativity? A lot.

But instead of talking gibberish, let us also talk about channeling.

Channeling is very important for a creative person. They need to channel their creativity somewhere. This can cause problems and heartache and hardship and then some more issues that make you want to break things.

My creativity bubbles over into a video channel

The first question a creative person faces, is where do I channel my creativity?

Do I go out and paint graffiti on public streets? Well... no. Unless you're a true artist and not just a creative person, usually you just make the place look crap and sewery.

Do you become a criminal and use your creativity to scam people out of their money? Well.... no. It may be fun to have lots of money that you got ill-gottenly, but in the long run, you might start believing that you aren't good enough to find legit ways to make money and are actually a loser and a lowlife.

Do you dump all your creativity into your everyday job? Such would be ideal. However, it's not always possible. Sometimes there just isn't enough room to cram creativity into the mix.

So, dear reader, where do you channel your creativity then?

That's a question each creative person needs to sort out for themselves.

I personally loved pouring all my creativity into my work. However, there are many times that I have surplus creativity that simply do not want to wait for the next opportunity in my work to come by. It has to be used up now.

So where did I channel it?

I channeled it into a video channel. The word channel just said it all.

Is it stupid of me? Possibly. Will it be for everybody? Hell no. But let me not be so honest and instead lure you to it by saying it's wondertasticlicious!!! Yeah!!!

So basically what I'm doing now is to create moods and capture them.

How does one capture a mood? Well I capture a scene of a few seconds and sometimes add a little something to it, but usually not much if anything, and then I upload it to my channel.

Then, that moment and feeling and emotion being captured, I finally have it out of my system and I can move on to other things. It's wonderfully therapeutic and feels like I keep the flow going.

Here are some of my favorites:

- Magic Armilliary Sphere. Love the feeling of this one. Try to feel the atmosphere.

- Caged Candle Light. Candlelight in a cage, illuminating everything more and more until the light goes out. Love it.

- Nature. Branches of a tree in different colours. I call it "Study in colour". Otherwise entitled, "Branchtasia".

If you would like to see some more, subscribe to this video channel: DreamCandy. More will come at some point when I have internet again.

In case you're wondering about the name DreamCandy, these videos are arty farty candy for your brain to be lightly enjoyed so that you can dream about them either in your thoughts or once you went to bed. They should be that powerful.

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