My thoughts on the works of Roy Herbert Jarrett, or "RHJ" as he is known by his initials

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There are two known works of Roy Herbert Jarrett, otherwise known by his initials RHJ: "It Works" and "The Meaning of the Mark". These may be small books, but they have had such an amazing effect on my personal philosophy of life. I, in a humble way share that understanding and benefit with you.

"It Works!"

The first book I am going to mention of Roy Herbert Jarrett's was published in 1926 by Larger Life Library, and later by De Vorss Publishing Company. It may be a slim volume way smaller than Claude Myron Bristol's "TNT: It Rocks The Earth" or "The Magic of Believing", but it is more direct, powerful and real with its message.

The essential message of the books comes in its opening epigram: "If you know what you want, you can have it." That is a reality. If you are sure what you really want and are ready for it genuinely, you will have it like "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and genuinely teach." The book may look and sound magical, but it is not. In fact, that magical, mystical function is more true for the sequel to this book "The Meaning of the Mark" which is an inner guide for fully understanding this book that I am writing about, "It Works".

So, in essence the simpler the tool, the greater the power when I write about these two little books. These are two simple, powerful tools to get what you genuinely want as well as genuinely grow. With the proper tools, anything can be done and done right.

So, the most powerful thing about "It Works" as a book is its three step plan to accomplishment. Sure, it is too simple to be that powerful, but it is. Step one is the most powerful step where RHJ says to "read the list of what you want, morning, noon and night." Come on, put what you want into your subconscious enough and it will genuinely happen as a given. How can it not? Do you see what I mean by the best tools are the most basic?

Listen, even the best hypnotists know how to use the basic tools of repetition in the most complicated way. After all, Roy Herbert Jarrett was really the best of hypnotists in career: He was an marketing and advertising man in his career. But, the thing that is greatest about his accomplishments is that he realized how best to use his advertising gifts and marketing skills to better the lives of himself and ultimately others. That is the real and genuine legacy of "It Works"as a major, yet small, understandable and realistic work that gets down to the genuine. I highly recommend it for all.

"The Meaning of the Mark"

His second work, "The Meaning of the Mark" is a larger and more metaphorical work that genuinely and powerfully succinctly explains the inner workings of the first small, short, but powerful book "It Works".

The author seemingly fictionalizes some parts of his story, but his understanding, physical and metaphysical is made clear in this work. You especially see the genuine workings of his mind in the narrative of this whole story of "Paul Omar and his Miracle Mark". I am not going to put a picture of the mark here, because I want you to find out all about the greatness of this reality yourself that is worth all the research and work I did to find out all about it. Anyhow, the most powerful and obvious version of the narrative comes at the end of the book, when all the understanding unravels beautifully into a real matrix of knowing you can genuinely act on.

But back to the book, here is a little character key for those who read "The Meaning of the Mark" from the beginning: "Paul Omar" is Roy Herbert Jarrett or RHJ fictionalized, and Frank Barnard the salesman is Jewell F. Stevens or RHJ's friend JFS at the beginning of the book who does the initial review and gave the book its title "It Works".

The most powerful thing about these books is not only what they do when read and used, the most powerful thing about these books is what they are without puffery or addition to them, just understanding of them. So, at the end of this article, I quote the actual conclusion of the book, you can read the rest, use it and decide for yourself.

A short while ago, Dr. Emil Coue' came to this country and showed
thousands of people how to hel themselves. Thousands of others
spoofed at the idea, refused his assistance and are today where they
were before his visit.

So with the statements and plan presented to you now. You can reject
or accept. You can remain as you are or
have anything you want.

The choice is yours, but God grant that you may find in this short volume
the inspiration to choose aright, follow the plan and thereby obtain,
as so many others have, all things, whatever they may be, that you

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed being exposed to a finer part of my personal philosophy and spiritual understanding of life, existence and everything.


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9th Feb 2016 (#)

I really enjoyed this article, I've had 'It Works' in my library for years. The article inspired me to revisit this little gem! Thanks

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