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In the first of a number of 'Top 5's' I explore the Indie scene of the 1990s and pick out my favourite tracks that epitomises this genre.

A brief background

We live in a blessed age of music. Recently, technology has helped carve out many new styles and has enabled "bedroom DJs" to blossom. But we also have a wealth of music built up over the decades - how many genres of music are there?

Well, to give you a clue visit this website -> Musical Genres... and note that is only 1 page of 4!

I have an open approach and appreciation for a diversity of music. Many of my friends know how passionate I am about Drum'n'Bass, Trance and Dub. But this is only part of the story. I listened to Pavarotti's "Caruso" yesterday evening which brought a tear to my eye, the emotional energy within it is spine-chillingly overwhelming.

I'm going to discuss the Indie genre today, and my top 5 tracks which I think best represent the scene. Feel free to comment on your favourite Indie tracks at the bottom of the page!

5. Inspiral Carpets ... "This is How it Feels"

From the "Life" album this track was released in 1990 in the UK & 1991 in the US.
This has a true indie sound - the melancholy nature of the lyrics are simple yet powerful.
You may have known this already, but a certain Noel Gallagher used to be a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets before he formed the mighty Oasis.

Official Video

4. Blur ... "She's so High"

This was Blur's first release, back in 1990 - I love the simplicity of the sound and its whimsical melody.
They went on to much greater things - this only reached number 48 in the UK charts. A forgotten classic.

Official Video

3. Happy Mondays ... "Kinky Afro"

Bit of a theme developing, this is also from 1990 - a vintage year for Indie!
This track is off their seminal album, Pills'n'Thrills and Bellyaches.

The unique sound of Shaun Ryder with the mesmerizing dancing of Bez proved to be a great combination.
The Happy Mondays were at the forefront of the emerging Madchester scene, and its associated rave culture.
This is a track that just makes you want to dance :-)

Official Video

2. Oasis ... "Champagne Supernova"

As far as I'm concerned this was Oasis at the peak of their powers.
A haunting opening melody soon explodes into a melodrama of bass, guitar and drums.
You can almost argue this was also a swansong for the Indie scene as we knew it back then (it was released in 1996).
Of course it still exists (in the shape of bands such as Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys for example) but it has now morphed into a different sound.

Official Video

1. Stone Roses ... "Waterfall"

Probably the most gifted band of the Madchester Indie era - with the unique voice of Ian Brown and the plucking genius of John Squire.
This is quite simply a beautiful song, the lyrics are open to much interpretation - I think there's a dual meaning of a personal mission and a politic one.
It flows in such a way that you're not sure whether to dance to it or just close your eyes and let it take you on a journey.
It only acheived a highest rank of 27 in 1991's charts, but this does no justice to the inherent quality of the song.

Official Video

So, there's my top 5 Indie. If you've not heard these tracks before then I hope you enjoy them!
Stay tuned for my next top 5, whatever it may be ...


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Good introduction to Indie music

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Thank you for sharing this...

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