Mystery of the giants past

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We have different conspiracy theories, mythologies and even religions, which all tell us that some point in the past there was giants living in the world. Some of these stories are just hints, turning these giants into fictional characters like fallen angels or legendary gods. Yet one thing is for sure, these stories of giants were recorded, and archaeological evidence suggests towards this fact being true.

Giants in Theory

I think these days especially we have to be very careful when it comes to believing what we read. But this is nothing new, religions and mythologies have been creating stories about creation and the mysteries for centuries. Not all of them can be true so most are lying, whether purposely or from some illusionary stand point in their minds.

People have made up stories to help others, through short fictional stories masses of people have been able to receive a message to better their lives. Only anything used for good can also be used for evil, and over the course of history some have sought to deceive and control with the use of fictional stories. Seems incredible but it's true. In my opinion Theology should be renamed Thereology, then we can all really know what we are working with. In other words we certainly shouldn't believe everything we read as most things circulating anyway are nothing but theories.

Ancient Fiction

Even so I am not one of these people who believes that ancient religious writings, scriptures and mythologies have no worth at all. I think all though we should not take these accounts as absolute truth, they can still tell us a lot about the past if we can read between the lines critically. Just like when I read the crime fiction books of my favourite writer Michael Robotham. His books are set in the UK. Although the story itself is one of made up fiction, the setting, the streets, the people and the times are all a reflection of the modern day United Kingdom.

So to me first and foremost, the bible is a religious book not a history book and it certainly is one of the greatest stories ever told. There are certain passages in this ancient book which have captivated the minds and imaginations of people for a very long time. Talk of demons and devils, angels and gods living in a supernatural world beyond our reach but having authority of humans is a great basis for a fictional story. But what if there was a much easier way of explaining certain things. One thing I have noticed is that when it comes to modern conspiracy theories, one that seems to hold a lot of weight is the giant conspiracy. Even mainstream documentaries are being made on this subject and it could well lead to the end of many ancient debates.

Were They Real

The Archaeological evidence is staggering and photo's can now easily be found which show ancient graves with what seems to be the bones of giants. And when you add on top of this that there are many ancient tales and mythologies which talk about giants in the world, I think this becomes a subject well worth taking a closer look at. Even the bible tells us bluntly in the old testament, there were giants in earth in those days. And the Greeks told us about the Cyclopses, then there is the story of David and Goliath and Lugh is a character in Celtic myth who also slays a giant.

To be honest the references are endless, and the story believable. Even the evil Nephilin of the bible could well be a reference to these ancient gigantic peoples. If a race of huge nomadic scary looking people were attacking your communities in a power struggle, in ancient primitive times you would see them as demonic. Plus I think if freaks today are still eating the hearts of people during warfare, back then they would have been doing much worse. Maybe this was why the Nephilin were seen as demonic fallen angels from the bowels of hell. The giant theory still holds weight because it's believable. In this modern time where things have to be proved and reproved over and over again before it can be categorized as fact, the giant theory could clear up the messy details in ancient religions and mythologies.

Is It So Hard To Believe?

Is it so hard to believe there was a race of people who were all between 6 and 12 foot in height? That's not that big. We are not talking about dinosaur men and women in most cases, just people who have a different DNA structure helping them to grow huge in their size. Is it so hard to believe that over time these different races blended into one human race? The humans we have to day. This would certainly explain the different sizes of people we have in the world today.

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author avatar brendamarie
22nd Aug 2015 (#)

Wrestler Andrea the giant was over seven feet tall today he is on the smaller side of the biggest wrestlers. So, no it is not hard to believe.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
8th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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