"Negative Thoughts Are Things waiting To Happen In Your Life"

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Thought are things and what you think matters a great deal. your thinking can bless you or curse. We should all be aware of negative thoughts and replace them with positive feedback.

Negative Thoughts Are Things Waiting To Happen In Your Life"

I don't think most people realize the principle of thinking negative thoughts brings unwanted results into our lives. The bible teaches us that Thoughts are things. Which means if we think it and speak it, weather it's good or bad, it will materialize and we'll receive the actions of our thought. I am an Optimist and a pretty positive person, but even I get bombarded with negative thoughts sometimes.
The answer is turning the thought around by voicing something positive to cancel out the negative thought that has been hounding us day and night. I want you to think back to when something bad happen to you, I'm almost positive that you thought about that deed or action over and over again until it appeared on your door step. You might have even spoke it into existence by speaking about it out loud from your mouth.
The most important message to remember is that in speaking things out of our mouths, We're prophesying our own future with the words that we speak. If we want a great and prosperous life, we need to start speaking positive and prosperous messages out into the ether. Try to put a watch over your mouth and become conscious of the things that we say whether it's good or bad.
The more we speak good and happy thoughts into our life, the more happiness and abundance we will have. On the other hand, If you're an pessimist and can't find anything to be thankful or grateful about, then you will end up with a dark and bleak future. That will be because you can't think of anything positive to speak about that will bring about positive actions or deeds into your life.
We must remember that thoughts are things that comes to pass because we think them into existence. The mind is more power than we know and it can lift us up to the sky or it can pull us down into the gutter all because of how we think. The message That I want to leave with you today, is to try to always think positive and only speak positive words from your mouth or nothing at all. Our words can make us or break us, they can bless us or curse us. Which one of these actions would you want to happen in your life.


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author avatar Jeannie Meredith
24th Aug 2013 (#)

Agreed :) I am presently reading a book entitled, Angel Words by Doreen Virtue, it very much explains how words affect our outcomes.. :)

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24th Aug 2013 (#)


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Aug 2013 (#)

thoughts that are not ours continually pop into our minds it is only when we hold them and ponder on them that we create...if we move past them and think a loving thought that can be a better way....speak kind words too....

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author avatar Peppernina63
24th Aug 2013 (#)

I want to thank Jeannie Meredith, cnwrite..Carolina for stopping b and leaving your comment, I appreciate it.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Aug 2013 (#)

a pleasure and I look forward to more from you...blessings...

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