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The real work after the work of writing your articles.

After You Write

Once your item is posted, it is up to you to Market it.
That's where the real work comes in

It might have taken you two hours to write that piece, it could take you two days
to get it in the public eye.

Networking your article means means putting it on a number of Social Networking Sites.

Sounds simple?

Maybe three years ago it was, today, many of the Sites used to network have
become Troll Farms.

They are the last bastion of those Trolls who were banned/gagged on message boards, whose comments were deleted by the author or mod on writing sites.

Networks are the only place they can Troll.

Many of the Social Networks are overfull of Trolls who take pleasure from attacking,
insulting and down voting other people's work.

This is an example:


(These are actual comments received on Reddit)


This formatting makes me want to stab several small children.


The OP has been shitting up /r/Foodforthought for the last couple weeks. She only posts self-written articles on sites were anyone can post, but never posts self. Foodforthought posts or anything. And all the articles are in mangled English with strange formatting, irrelevant pictures, crazy logic, and a complete lack of citation.

I'd say she's a troll, but I think she does this sort of thing earnestly. All we can do is downvote her and hope she'll stop spamming her crap. /r/Foodforthought is usually pretty good, it's a shame that people like her crap it up.


I have crushed it with my mighty mod powers.

Now You Understand

Imagine if you took a Star Page you wrote, one which had a lot of positive comments and tried to put it on Reddit, a so-called 'Networking' site and these are the comments you receive.

The first thing that goes though a normal mind is, "If you didn't like the article, why bother to read it?"

Further, where do these people get all the time to read, comment, reply, on someone else's work on a linked site?

They aren't people.
They are Trolls.
They are Trolls who have found their baliwick. Trolls who have the power to attack without any possible retaliation. They must think they died and Reddit is Troll Heaven.

On Reddit, Trolls don't operate 'outside' of the system, they are the system As you can see from the above Example, the Mod more than accommodates Trolls, It is a Troll.

The item they were down voting and 'crushing' has over 20k hits and counting.

It was specifically chosen as 'Troll Bait'.

There are 78 up votes and 150 comments. These comments are more than
'good write' but ask questions, give examples, (you can read it for yourself)..

If any article ought have attracted a '+' vote or positive comment it was this one.


A Bit of History

Nearly three years ago I joined just about all existent social networking sites to 'market' my writing.

Reddit was just one of the herd.

Some months ago I was made aware of the proclivities of this so-called 'social networking' site.

For nearly three years I had automatically clicked on the icon, submitted my item with a comment, and gone about my business.

I didn't know there were 'subreddits', that there was voting or comments had been made.

Alerted to the aspects of the site I had neglected, I logged aboard.
I noted the letter icon was red signifying I had 'mail'.
Much of it was of two years vintage. There were also a slurry of comments.
I obviously hadn't read any nor answered.

As I made my way through the sewer I pondered, asking myself these questions;

1. Have I ever read anything I didn't like to the end when I was not being
WELL PAID to do so?


2. Have I ever down voted any item I didn't like on a Website that I was NOT REQUIRED to do?


3. Have I ever left a comment to an article I didn't like? (Not that I disagreed
with the premise, but just didn't like the article.)


I tried to find some analogy, some logic in a person reading an article they didn't like,
then investing their time and effort to right a response.

What made the entire event so much more significant was that I had been
oblivious to the existence of the comments.

I don't want to make unsupported global statements, but if one didn't respond to a comment made in Nov 2008 why make another in January 2009, another in February on and on and on until October 2010?

I decided to respond to a few remarks.
It didn't take long to identify the Trolls.

As you can see from the Example, the Trolls had me as the Sun in their solar system.

They had read a lot of my stuff, linked my nick on Reddit to the nick I used on the site, even clicked my profile on the site, for how else would they know I was a She?

I discussed this phenomenon with a number of writers. Remarkably, they had
experienced the same thing. (So I wasn't the only Sun in that system).

What to Do?

Clearly, using a site like Reddit to Network an article is more than a waste of a keystroke, especially when there are other sites such as Redgage and Shetoldme which invite links to your articles and pay a few pennies over your life time.

There are sites like Stumbleupon and Digg where you might not get many hits but your item will rarely be attacked as those who use that site really don't have time to waste.

It isn't worth a keystroke to post.
Those who have used Reddit successfully will share the 'formula' for 'safe' networking.

Reddit the picture of a cute puppie. Reddit a joke. Reddit a news item. Reddit one of your articles, Reddit another cute puppie.

Perform your Reddits at hour/two hour intervals, and don't Reddit your stuff every day.
On alternate days instead of Redditing your work, Reddit a science article.

Excuse me?
I have a life.
I am not interested in fooling Trolls for the handful of hits I might get.

Yes, it may not be feeding time under the bridge, and yes, it is possible a normal human being might see the link, but why bother?

Why 'network' a site in a Troll pit?


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author avatar kaylar
27th Jan 2011 (#)

btw you know what site I'm taling about right?

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Jan 2011 (#)

I should add - that if a site isnt working - give it a break or try a different tactic.
I subit only rarely to that site, and try to vote up friends links that are good, but also share links that I did not myself write, nor get paid for in anyway.

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author avatar kaylar
27th Jan 2011 (#)

I had one of those multilinks which I'd dl'd to the toolbar, and up would come this popup and I'd go down the list. There were 21 which were my immediate. This was just one of them. It was not particularly important. It wasn't until recently, (got a new notebook and can't recall where I dl'd that particular pop up) I noted this site; which really has fascinated me. One gets very few hits from this site, and there's virtually nothing on it. You can spend all day clicking 'Random' searching for something to read, and there's nothing. And I've proven its a troll zone.

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author avatar Greenfaol
28th Jan 2011 (#)

Have to say I don't know which site you're takling about. It would be good to know, so i can avoid it. Haven't heard of shetoldme either, so thanks for the tip.:D

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author avatar kaylar
28th Jan 2011 (#)

Reddit was created in 2005 allegedly for discussion. Over the years the discussion has become rather warped; it's Trolls attacking posters.

From about 2007 to 2010 I was virtually oblivious to the nature of the site as I just posted there as I would Stumble, Digg or Bebo.
Imagine, you want to network this article, and to sort of 'fool' the mods, I'm expected to Reddit a puppy picture, a joke, someone elses work, a headline then this article. Yah. And then what? Get some Troll to attack it? Vote it Down? Then stand up and pontificate?
BTW...the Trolls in the Example have written me a virtual book to 'explain' ... Alas, I didn't bother to read it.

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author avatar Artur Victoria
30th Jan 2011 (#)

Great article – Thanks for sharing writings

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author avatar kaylar
30th Jan 2011 (#)

You're very welcome

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author avatar Retired
17th Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks for the share

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author avatar kaylar
18th Feb 2011 (#)

You're very welcome. BTW Reddit has virtually banned all articles from Triond.

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