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I have a hobby farm, last week three of our ewes had their lambs, I was going to wait until the fourth ewe had her lambs before sharing the news with you, but she is taking her time so I thought I would share the lambs and their pictures now.

Two Lambs March 3

My wife was the only one home on March 3, 2012, and so she was looking after the animals that day. It is winter, we still have snow on the ground, but the weather was not overly cold, except for the wind.

All was normal throughout the day but later on when she went out to bring them into the barn she noted one ewe was missing. Indeed it is good that my wife was paying attention and noticed the missing ewe because she was out in the shed preparing to give birth. My wife had a difficult time chasing her in. The ewe wanted to remain away from the other sheep.

With the ewe safely in the barn my wife came in for dinner and then went back out to check, sure enough the ewe had given birth to two lambs, both female.

Note that these are Katahdin hair sheep, not your typical wool sheep.

To see their new born baby pictures, click here.

Two Lambs March 5

Again my wife was home while I was at work. The sister of the ewe who had just given birth had twins around noon and my wife managed to get them into the barn. She had been in and out checking on them throughout the afternoon but was deeply saddened later in the day to find the ewe had given birth to a third lamb, but it was dead when she (my wife) found it in the stall with the mom and two other lambs.

The ewe had one boy and one girl, of which one is pictured here, and the other pictured with the LINKS section below.

Two More Lambs, March 6

The following morning my wife went out and another ewe had given birth just minutes earlier. This ewe is a Barbado hair sheep, and she had a girl and a boy, technically a ewe lamb and a ram lamb.

You can see their newborn pictures, and that of the ewe directly above, by clicking here.

In my picture above you will see the lambs are imitating their mom and trying to eat the straw. Hay is proper food for them but this straw had some oats still on it so the sheep do try to eat them.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
13th Mar 2013 (#)

New life... Spring. Wonderful!

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author avatar Jojay
13th Mar 2013 (#)

Great pictures and birth stories.
I could almost smell the straw.
Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
13th Mar 2013 (#)

Wow! This truly warms my heart!! I love these birth stories and the pictures are so precious!! Spring is a magical time of the year!!

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author avatar Retired
13th Mar 2013 (#)

What a great way to bring in spring.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
13th Mar 2013 (#)

so adorable this pics and all..thanks Mark..

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
13th Mar 2013 (#)

Mark, wonderful pictures of the new sweet little entities and the picture of yourself and your wife as well!

Sorry you lost one, dear friends.

Uthrania Seila

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author avatar richardpeeej
14th Mar 2013 (#)

Lovely article Mark it just goes to show that Spring is on its way. I was born in Wales and lived there for 34 years. I loved your pics it reminded me so much of home..

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author avatar C.D. Moore
14th Mar 2013 (#)

Sweet lambs of spring.
Very cheering article. My husband and I used to have a hobby farm. Lots of work, but worth it!

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author avatar Val Mills
14th Mar 2013 (#)

New life lifts hearts! We're just dawdling into my favourite time of year, autumn, here in NZ.

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author avatar Carol
14th Mar 2013 (#)

Oh they are just beautiful Mark, thanks for sharing the pics!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Mar 2013 (#)

An uplifting share, thanks Mark Creation goes on; some we see, others we do not - siva

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author avatar Christine Crowley
14th Mar 2013 (#)

The baby lambs are so precious. Thank you for the great pics!

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author avatar Songbird B
15th Mar 2013 (#)

How wonderful Mark, new life is always so very precious..

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Mar 2013 (#)

When I was a boy my parents kept a few sheep, My favourite part was seeing the new lambs in the spring.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Lovely...thank you Mark...:0)

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author avatar Susan Jane
21st Mar 2013 (#)

So many cute lambs - what a lovely Spring event.

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author avatar Djbrat
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

I love this, the photos are soooooo cute ♥

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author avatar LOVERME
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

just lovely snaps of lambs

do you know many females and men males
have long hair
and when cut regrow ...
while some like me
are bald
ask me separately
and lamb breeder
i shall tell ye

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