New Year 2013 - A ray of hope

Mohamadi Quadri By Mohamadi Quadri, 29th Dec 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Every day is a journey, comprising of many ups and down. A true desire of success and an optimistic approach towards destination makes it easy all the way. So let us cheers and give a warm welcome to year 2013.

Hope is a waking dream and the world lives on hopes!

As usual, I am receiving calls from my friends and relatives. Hi happy New Year 2013. I think whether this new year going to be different from the old? Many in this world, millions upon millions, would certainly like to ring out the old and ring in the new with new hopes and expectations.

Ups and down are two inseparable phases of life. However, to begin the New Year with apprehensions may sound like a pessimist’s pastime. But we must face it with buoyant self-confidence. In addition, the stout-hearts among us should not lose hope.
Caught in the immediacy of the present we may be agonizing over these difficulties. But, there is still hope. This may be the darkest hour before the radiant dawn. Almighty has not gone bankrupt. If past is any pointer to the future, there is indeed hope. Our morals and principles might appear to be in eclipse. But, eclipses are short-lived!

2012-Flash back

Year 2012 has its own impact on everyone’s life. At a glance, we can see Mr. Barrack Obama overwhelmed in joy after winning 2012 presidential elections, at the same time bad luck for Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The mourning event to music lovers, as famous singer and actress Whitney Houston is no more!

Natural calamity

Cannot forget the deadly Hurricane Sandy sweeping through the East Coast, leaving 128 people dead and causing tremendous loss of property as well.

Psycho killings

The deadliest shootings in the U.S by psycho killer in Aurora Theater, killing 12 people and injuring badly several others. The spree killing in the holy place, Sikh temple killings in Oak, and the last worst incident was on December 14, a spree shooting left 28 dead in the Connecticut town of Newtown, psycho Adam Lanza killing many innocent school kids. A depth study will certainly reveal the increment in sinful acts and heinous crimes.

A Hope for Better

In an atmosphere surcharged with cynicism on the one hand and despair on the other, we would do well to remind ourselves that our present predicament is not unique. The world in the past has seen many a crisis. But, the world lives on. The present ordeal too will pass and the world will again resume the path of progress.

The 2013 is upon us. Let it come; let us hope well and make it the hour before that glowing dawn. The present with all its unhappiness and misery will pass. Let us learn from yesterday, live for today, and let us hope the best from tomorrow.

We pray and wish the spectrum that haunted us in the past – crimes, natural calamities, impoverishment, unemployment, fratricidal clashes, caste, communal and terrorist violence – to disappear and not keep company with us in the journey ahead.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Dec 2012 (#)

a very insightful page indeed and all the best for a peace filled 2013..

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Well written, Quadri, nice sentiments and recap of incidents better never repeated, especially the dastardly killings of the most innocent, the children. What did they really do for their lives to be so senselessly cut short? I join you in your prayers for a peaceful year - siva

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author avatar Mohamadi Quadri
1st Jan 2013 (#)

Thanks for the comments.

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