Nigerian Dwarf Goats are Your Best Friends

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats Make Great Pets and are Good For Your Yard

There's a New "Dog" in Town

When considering a pet, lots of people turn to dogs, cats or rabbits when making their choice. I would have never thought that goats would be considered pets, until I learned about and later acquired two of my own. There are many, many different breeds of goats used for milking, breeding, meat, etc. Three of the most popular pet varieties include the Australian Miniature, Pygmy, and Nigerian Dwarf. I decided last Summer and Fall to attend the local agricultural fairs to see some breeds up close. Some were way too big and would be too hard to handle, especially since you are ideally supposed to have at least two. Others just were kind of blah or unattractive to me. Still others just were not moving me. Then I spotted some little goats. I was instantly intrigued.

Little Endearing Animals

Lots of people have asked why I would ever want a goat in the first place. I am a real animal lover and reserve an open mind about any animal that doesn't scare me and is legal and ethical to have in my family. First of all, they make manure that is rich and does not emit a terrible odor, as they are vegetarians. The walk around the yard and deposit manure which makes the yard look nice and green and any large amounts are easily tilled into the garden beds in my yard. In fact, I make a point to leave some growth in the garden in the Spring prior to planting so the goats will deposit some fresh droppings in the beds directly, as they graze. Another reason I love these animals so much is that they are very playful. There are the new "dog". They follow me around the yard and pretty much stay there but will come looking for me if they notice I am not immediately visible. They will go wherever I go, however, so any tasks needed to be done near the road have to be done before I let them out of their fenced area. Talk about personality. These animals are literally like having kids around. They are mischievous, tumble, skip, jump, climb and love to be pet, and the affection they show you back is immeasurable.

Bringing Your Pet Home

It is important to acquire your new pet from a source with years of knowledge and no how. I took my babies home around eight weeks after they were born and weaned from their mother. The woman I got them from is well versed in the raising, breeding, milking, and the general care of goats. She has a herd of about 40. They are all used for different reasons. Some are for breeding, milking, studding, and sale. She must have her hands full. The point I am making is that it is never a good idea to be given a goat from someone you are not familiar with. Some people get overwhelmed by a farm animal and want to give it away. There is no way to tell how the animals were cared for, if they were given their shots, and how their general health is. Go to a specialist.

Nice Little Pets

If you want to experience a different kind of pet, perhaps maybe the Nigerian Dwarf will be a consideration for you. They are well known for their lovable personalities and their antics will make you smile often. They are not conventional pets by any means but they are great companions and perform tasks for you with little effort. Besides, they are darned cute and nice to have around.


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3rd Jun 2011 (#)

Goats are so cute. I have often seen them for sale at the auctions, but we have decided to keep sheep instead as they seem like less work.

Please read the publication notes I sent - I included some tips you should read.

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