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There was a challenge presented by a Church on facebook. The Church’s challenge suggested, ninety days to a healthier lifestyle, which included spiritual life, physical, health life and financial life. Since everyone could afford to boost their spiritual life, financial life and improve their health condition, I viewed this as a great challenge to become a part of. So I signed up! Not being sure what to expect I went to the first meeting and encouraged some friends to attend with me.

The First Meeting

At this first meeting we were informed that the challenge was designed to build us up spiritually, help us get control of our appetite and help us become better financial stewards. It was lengthy and a little boring, although a great deal of information was given via written spoken word. We were also given journals and pens to keep track of our progress and to air our emotions privately. We were given tips for success with the fasting portion of the challenge (for example to pray all day for endurance and strength); we were given a folder with a host of information on the nutritional value of the foods we eat and what God intended these foods to do for our bodies. A calendar of events was given to each of us and recommendations on how to conduct the first part of the challenge.
The first part of the challenge was to improve our prayer life and overall health, by choosing a fast and increasing our time in prayer and reading of the word of God (the Bible). I believe I have always had an established prayer life with designated times to pray;the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, so I chose to increase my prayer life by adding in noon day prayer and in early evening prayer.
The fast I chose was to limit my television, limit my extra activities and to eat 90% fresh fruit and vegetables,also to include fish and very little if any chicken or beef. I do not eat pork anyhow because it is not very good to my body. I chose to juice a lot of fruit and vegetables. I did research to find the best combinations of juices to heal the ailments that attacked my body and to control my blood sugar levels. It took a great deal of prayer and persistence not to return to the diet I knew so well. I ate no added sugars, drank no coffee and enjoyed no snacks during the ninety days. I chose not to turn on my television on until eight p.m. and then only for two hours. That may seem like a lot of television for a fast but for me that was wonderful because I have been known to turn the television on at 5 a.m. and leave it on until 2 a.m. the next day (that is not good). note: in the months following this fast my television desires have decreased tremendously. I can now go days without even turning on the television and I found out I was not missing anything at all. I have more time to study and grow as a person.
I found some terrific juicing recipes like lemonade made by juicing two green delicious apples and one lemon with the skin no added sugar or water and it is the best drinking. Surprisingly it is also very filling. In my research I found that the pectin in the apples is good for elimination and the lemons are good for alkalizing the body…I also juiced celery every morning to curb my appetite and cucumbers, carrots and kale for hydrated cells, improved vision and controlled blood sugars. During this challenge my life was turned completely around. Note; I still do these and more and I love the transformation that is visible in my skin and in my hair and weight. My overall health has drastically improved as a result of starting this challenge. It has now become a lifestyle for me because of the awesome results.

The Second Meeting

The second meeting was one of testimonies to share what God has done for us in the challenge. Speaking for myself I had noticed an increase in my desire to pray and read the word. I also noticed I could hear in the Spirit with much more clarity. As for the physical part of it all I had lost 8 pounds. I was no longer experiencing chronic pain in my back, legs and feet; I noticed I no longer craved sugary sweets. My blood sugar levels regulated and my eyesight had begun to improve (I was having a lot of blurred vision prior to the fast). Note; when I went to the eye clinic for my annual check up my eyesight had improved and I no longer needed bifocals. My former prescription was too strong! I was charged with an abundance of energy. I actually desired to do exercise (Prior to the challenge I was a couch potato).I currently work out no less than three times per week at least 30 minutes at a time or more. My legs are stronger and my weight is decreasing I have now lost a total of 43 pounds.

At the conclusion of that meeting we were introduced to becoming better financial stewards. The prayer of the day was for God to help us in the area of our finances. For me I knew I needed to learn how to balance my bank account…no more bounced checks. For some it was becoming a tithe payer and for others it was learning how to better manage the money they did have. I needed to learn financial responsibility in so many small ways. I prayed that day and every day thereafter to learn strategies that would improve my finances and the way I handled them. One of the things I learned was to watch my funds account daily and keep close track of my spending. I learned to pay my debts first and then go shopping for other things. This has worked out well for me and it is raising my credit score. I do believe God has answered my prayers.

The Remaining Meetings

In the meetings that followed we spent in the face of God. Listening to pure worship music, talking to God as individuals and as a collective group; we prayed, we spoke in tongues, we sang and danced and the presence of God came in the place filling each of our lives. The challenge is over now and it has been many days since then. I am reading my bible more; I spend much more time in prayer not just designated time but spontaneous time as well. I hear in the Spirit with much more clarity, I am much more patient and honest with myself more than ever before. I have lost 13 pounds within ninety days after the fast, lots of pain and discomfort, and come off of four medicines. I have also gain control of my finances but of course I could still learn more things but I no longer bounce checks, and I am getting out of debt and loving it . I plan to continue and increase in every way from now on. This ninety day challenge was a hidden lifestyle change for me that would last a lifetime. I have since been encouraging others to join me in these changes. I am doing more and more research to learn about how to better take care of my spirit, my body and my finances. I do believe God is pleased. I say “hats off” to the Pastor Williams and his wife Shatasha Williams for presenting the challenge. It has truly changed my life for the better!


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
13th Dec 2013 (#)

Good morning, Paula; inspirational and I'll throw in a pom-pom to keep cheering you on. Keep us informed. ~Marilyn

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13th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks Marilyn! I appreciate the cheers!

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