Nitrogen Filled Tires Gives Better Gas Mileage

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Inflating tires with nitrogen will eliminate oxidation and can extend tire life by up to 25%.

Federal Department of Transportation has reported Under-inflated tires waste more than five million gallons of gasoline a day in the United States

The advantages of nitrogen-filled tires are widely acclaimed .Studies have shown nitrogen-filled tires can produce far better gas mileage. Air is about 1/5 Oxygen, which is at high pressures and temperatures, is a very reactive element. So it oxidises with all things that it comes in contact with. On the other hand Nitrogen doesn’t support combustion, so nitrogen-filled tires don’t add fuel to the flames. In fact nitrogen slows down oxidation process.Commercial airlines , NASA and racing cars exclusively use nitrogen to inflate tires because nitrogen is inert, or nonflammable.

Compressed air contain moisture .This you can feel when your thumb gets wet when you let our air through the tire nozzle.Moisture and oxygen do corrode (oxidation) steel or aluminum rim. When this corrosion starts rust can clog valve cores, causing them to leak.Water present either in liquid or vapor state in the a tire causes more of a pressure change with temperature outside.Even small changes in tire pressure can affect the handling of the car. Mileage increase of 6% and longer tire life is claimed using nitogen.

Oxygen in compressed air permeates through the wall of the tire, thus reducing the tire’s inflation pressure.Oxygen oxidizes the rubber compounds also in the tire, causing under-inflation and deterioration of the rubber.

Federal Department of Transportation has reported Under-inflated tires waste more than five million gallons of gasoline a day in the United States. Whereas dry nitrogen will maintain proper inflation pressure and will prevent auto-ignition, will not corrode wheel, extends valve nozzles life, and will help the tire to run cooler.Nitrogen is less likely to migrate through tire rubber than is oxygen, which means that your tire pressures will remain more stable over the long term.When temperature drops below freezing point nitrogen really helps.So we can see nitrogen generators instead of compressed air dryer to fill nitrogen gas in car tires in petrol bunks everywhere nowadays.


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