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How do you deal with rejection? Is that a big deal? If they don't like you, does it really matter after all?

I can Live without you

You know one of the most common mistakes we make in our lives is to try to please everyone. If people do not like us it must not be a big deal. I wonder why there are other people who feel so devastated and cannot move on when their lover left them or is unfaithful to them. Some even commits some suicide when their lovers left them.

From 10 positive affirmations book-Positive affirmation no. 5
Nobody likes me… That’s okay, because I don’t like them either.

If a lover can dump you, you should also have the courage to dump him or her. You don’t have to cry for their lost or say I really love you, what is wrong? Why did you leave me? Instead of feeling some great lost, set yourself free, and move on say to yourself, who are you anyway? I can live without you. Don’t sing Mariah Careys’ I can’t live, if living is without you song.

“I can’t live, if living is without you”, I can’t live, I can’t give anymore…. WHAT??? You better get on with life, what a waste of your life bothering on someone who does not care about your feelings on the first place.

Have you experience in school that there are certain groups of classmates that forms a group and feels they are such a special group and saying to you that you are out of place. You want to join them but they keep saying you don’t seem to fit in our group. I tell you, don’t feel bad if they act that way. Anyway, who are they to you? If they can dump you, dump them also.

There are some people with elitist attitude that when you are a newbie they would not easily accept you in the gang. You need to have the qualities they are looking for. When you feel you are not accepted you feel bad about yourself BUT WHY? Who are they anyway? The moment you showed that their acceptance or approval does not matter, the more you showed them than they are nothing too.

Don’t be afraid of rejection in life. For sure you can find people who will accept you for what you are and not according to their standards. It is not a big deal. You just need to love the people who will love you. It will make life easier, simpler and happier. The more you struggle to please- hard to please people, feeling somebody when they are actually a nobody, elitist, feeling they are such a VIP, don’t try to please them because you will just be wasting your life and your time.

I have encountered people like that, for me they are looking at you and saying WHO are you? We are not the same level? I will not level myself to you. If you encountered people like that, just ignore them. Those mocking you, ridiculing you as if you have an infectious disease try not to spend your time on them. Don’t push yourself to other people, give them allowance to like you or hate you. The rule is if you hate me, I hate you too. Don’t worry same here, the feeling is mutual. If you like me, thanks I will like you also.



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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
14th Jun 2012 (#)

so very true what you write Avery...thank you so much...

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
23rd Jun 2012 (#)

Avery: I think, if you can sense that a lover, friend or significant other is about to leave, jump in first and dump them. It is so much easier that way. Rejection is hard to deal with so thank you for this page.

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