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You know, the most genuine of experts from ancient times say this uniformly: "A person in a rush never gets anywhere." That is the honest and truthful reality of the situation if you ask me, because expecting things to go right when rushing and not paying attention to them is disaster. This article is about how that can be averted, even reversed when it happens.

Attention and Patience, in that order

Before you are patient, you need to know what you are being patient about with your full attention or your why must be stronger than your how. I came across this knowledge in the most genuine hard ways: I came about it with trial and error, reality and experience, and the rest of it.

I want you generously to realize unlike how I realized it, that, there are not any real shortcuts except genuinely doing what you need to do the way it needs to be done.

A day ago, I cleaned my microwave oven at home, and there was not way around it. I needed to spray, scrub and work on it until it was clean inside and out. You know those moments where you need and want a short cut, but it just is not there. Cleaning that microwave oven was one of those, and when I was done with that microwave I liked the result more than if I would have "half-done" with a little boiling water on the walls while the microwave turned and spread the water around the microwave oven and then wiped a little bit. No, I wanted to be complete and there was not any way around it.

The other day, I was listening to Nathaniel Branden's program on self-esteem and self-worth. One of the first things he said was "there is not any shortcut to building inner strength".

You know, discouragement may be the great little weapon of the devil, but God's greatest weapons to counteract this are persistence and resolve. When you have these, no weapon formed against you genuinely will prosper. That is what that B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) verse about that really means to me in my heart and objective mind when all the filters are off and I see beyond the metaphors and all of that.

So, let us break into the genuine meanings of attention and patience here: First attentiveness is the power to fully understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and genuine patience is the resolve to follow through totally without rushing to the next thing without completion. The power of completeness and inner strength go together, a person in a rush gives up too easily always without exception to that rule, because there is a panic within that person that does not allow attention or patience to develop.

Indeed, panic is another one of the devil's genuine tools along with discouragement and F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) When everything seems like a lie, what truth or honesty can come out of it?

Be consistent, be putposeful and all else shall be added

Without consistency or purpose, nothing can work. With persistence and a purpose that is a strong why, everything reasonably imaginable is genuinely possible. In fact, nothing reasonably unreal exists when you persist in a creative idea in a realistic way.

Think about these realities:

When considering the possible and impossible, am I not being honest here? The reality is that the impossible only seems impossible to those who genuinely quit too early. Like Henry Ford succeeded with the eight cylinder engine, so can you succeed in life with anything creative idea-wise that can be conceived or believed reasonable or "unreasonable" as long as it goes from point "A" to point "B" reasonably. The best ideas seemed like the most unbelievable: Enter our "Star Trek" communicator like cell phones that we have today in our 21st century world that were 'science fiction' as recently as the 1960s and 1970s. That is for "starters" and there is genuinely not any end! My big point is that mastery can be reached, but where you can grow with that mastery is limitless. So, I would like to make this point. I do not believe in pedagogical or teaching infinities, mastery is always possible. But, I do believe in genuine infinities that lead to ever more advancement that is genuine and as we can tell by existence, there is not any such thing as genuine "the end".

So, to get totally real with you:

What can be creatively conceived can be reasonably achieved, right down to man taking flight, if you know what I mean. It can be realistically said that all power, wealth and everything that counts is in the practical idea and seemingly impractical creative idea that ends up practical through the application of the laws of nature that make it practical.

You see, what is today's dream is tomorrow's practical reality through time, patience, persistence and development. No dream made real comes "out of nowhere". When it is now here, it came out of an idea somebody had that at first seemed impractical. From the wireless phone, to space flight, it did at first seem like impractical science fiction in some ways until it was realized. The march of time without burning out is patience, perseverance, and realistic work that follows the laws of nature totally. In short, it all is not built in a day. But it is a time and reality investment that is built over forever. Cheating is an illusion, so is short cutting things, we all can only grow realistically without avoiding the steps if we really want to get anywhere. After all, cheating is a sign of unrealistic thinking. The tell-tale signs of realistic thinking are patience, understanding, tolerance, perseverance, and self-honesty. As I quoted Nathaniel Branden above: "there is not any shortcut to building inner strength". The only shortcut is actually doing it fully right and resolving to do so realistically as every car needs a motor to run, and there is not any shortcut to that, right down to axle grease and radiator coolant to keep things running smoothly in the car or vehicle. The motor of life is productively used time. Without that, everything is cheating and getting nowhere. Can I get more realistic? I do not think I can. Indeed, once there are no illusions you really can get somewhere, that is the God's honest reality, truth and genuine testament to doing what needs and wants to be done.

Personally, I share this "flaw" with my Dad, Joe Clayton, Jr.: I am infinitely patient, understanding, tolerant and realistic or always hope to be, especially with myself and all who deserve it. Because, as my Dad said, "there are no shortcuts, except to do it right." I totally and wholeheartedly agree with him there without reservation, question, or unrealistic musing about it. So, I end with three quotes by Sir Francis Bacon:

"We cannot command nature except by obeying her."

"Reading makes a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man."

"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures."

I include these quotes because they expose fully the spirit of this article and much of my genuine character, and they are in the spirit and tone I want to conclude this article section in. I thank you for reading.


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